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Everyone waits till the last minute sometimes. But many procrastinators pay a significant price, from poor job performance to stress, financial problems, and relationship conflicts. Fortunately, just as anyone can endlessly delay, anyone can learn how to stop! Cognitive-behavioral therapy expert Monica Ramirez Basco shows exactly how in this motivating guide. Dr. Basco peppers the book with easy-to-relate-to examples from "recovering procrastinators"--including herself. Inviting quizzes, exercises, and practical suggestions help you: *Understand why you procrastinate. *Start with small changes that lead to big improvements. *Outsmart your own delaying tactics. *Counteract self-doubt and perfectionism. *Build crucial skills for getting things done today.
How to Manage Your Mammoth draws on a single coaching technique, bite sizing, to help you manage issues and tasks that you find difficult, overwhelming or impossible. You can use bite sizing to break down a difficult task or build up to a goal. Experienced psychotherapist and coach Wendy Jago draws on her work with business professionals worldwide in the banking and commercial sectors, to provide a user-friendly guide packed with short, snappy exercises to help even the worst procrastinators. How to Manage Your Mammoth will cover: * How you naturally approach problems. Do you hone in on the details/specifics straight away or do you think of a problem in its entirety rather than its parts? * How much energy and stamina do you have to draw on. What is your natural attention span? The book will show you how to work with your natural energy and attention levels and not against them. * How we unintentionally create mammoths and how we can avoid doing so. * What to do when other people in your life have a different way of managing tasks that conflicts with your style. How do you work together to get the job done? *How much can be achieved in very small chunks of time, known as twenty-minute miracles.
Are you frustrated with leaving essential tasks until the last minute?Do you feel like you're lazy and incompetent because you never get anything done on time?Or maybe you're ok managing procrastination on your own, but feel like there is an easier way to manage it? You have a crucial task to finish in a week. This task maybe your job or a household chore, that if not finished in time, could spell out dire consequences for you. But instead of completing it on time, you avoid it like the plague instead. You may be procrastinating right now; maybe you're avoiding that long-overdue essay. Either way, you may think you have a problem with procrastinating. You may ask yourself. Why can't I finish my task? Procrastination is the disease that everyone has, and no one wants. Procrastinating is a normal phenomenon that has been happening since the beginning of humankind. In 2017, L.A. Noom wrote an article, "Stop the Meeting Madness," found an Egyptian hieroglyphics which stated, "Friends, stop putting off work, and allow us to go home in good time." You aren't alone in this problem. If you want your romantic and working relationships to improve, and lead you on the road to success. Then this guide will show you how to understand the different types of procrastination and give you the keys to understanding how to set reasonable goals and combat procrastination from your life. This book includes: Conquering Procrastination: How To Stay Motivated, Become More Productive And Cure Laziness Forever Procrastination Hacks: Unique And Simple Ways To Finally Break Your Nasty Procrastination Habits In this must need guide you'll discover: How to use 3 easy to understand principles to figure out why you procrastinate all the time - and how to correct yourself when you do them The secret to cutting edge goal setting - and how to avoid setting impossible goals that could lead to failure How to use these 3 simple principles to take control of your mind - and how to use those principles to stop you from procrastinating The absolute 4 worst common mistakes you are doing right now that is making you procrastinate and leading you to a life full of stress and failure How to regulate your laziness and complete tasks on time by using this one simple trick What successful people use to complete their important tasks by using these 4 simple steps- and procrastinators don't The absolute 3 worst things you are doing right now that are causing you to procrastinate and fail in your goals How to find a balance between exciting and annoying things you have to do in life - and how to stay motivated while doing something you don't want to do .... and much, much more! Stop letting procrastination stop you from achieving the things you have always wanted to do, and better your romantic and working relationships by getting things done in time. In this guide, you will be given the tools to ease your procrastination, and we will show you how to stop it from happening so you can live a better anxiety-free life, where you complete tasks on time. So if you want relief from the stress of not doing something, and know-how to stop procrastinating, and much more, click "Add to Cart" now!
Everyone procrastinates. The question is, is doing nothing working for you or against you? Author Lynn Lively, a self-confessed (but reformed) procrastinator, will help you get to where you want to go...with no more excuses. With THE PROCRASTINATOR'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS, you can stop losing precious time, break the cycle of self-blame, overcome inertia, and create the life you really want. Procrastination can be defined as the failure to make things happen. But are you really procrastinating, or simply thinking about a problem to be solved? THE PROCRASTINATOR'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS will show you how to tell the difference! You will also learn how to: work through "worst-case" scenarios; figure out what's within your control and what isn't; procrastinate strategically; and, finally, practice self-direction! Special sections include: Confessions of a Procrastinator; "Brain-dumps," "Gut-wrenchers," "Busywork Alerts," and other handy lists. Want to be your own biggest fan? Be the hero of your own life by making your own dreams come true. Read THE PROCRASTINATOR'S GUIDE TO SUCCESS and prepare for your life to change.
Presents essential concepts of the ACT Assessment test for last-minute studying, providing test-taking strategies and basic techniques for each question type along with a full-length practice test.
Lorelei Lanum leads you gently through all the necessary steps—from sending out the perfect resume to handling the inevitable rejections (and offers) that come your way—to find yourself not just a job, but the right job. Whether you just graduated college, lost a job, or decided to find a better one, you know that finding a job is a job in itself, and there’s no time to waste. With so much to get done and so many dead ends to face, your worst enemy—even in a tough economy—is your own procrastination. By following the simple step-by-step process outlined here, you’ll be able to get off that couch, increase your confidence, find the job you want—and start collecting those paychecks! With this guide, learn how to: • Plan ahead for a stress-free job search • Get yourself started • Perfect your resume • Scope out hidden opportunities • Impress your interviewer
Want to get things done NOW without procrastinating all day long? This guide book will provide you with a plan to Increase your Productivity in just 15-Short Minutes. This plan was specially designed to only take 15 minutes or less so that you will be able to fit this into your schedule and implement it right away. Inside you'll discover: The Simplest Ways to make the first step to Break out of the procrastination cycle The Right kind of influences to surround yourself with to create a Positive Environment for Increased Productivity The Tricks to identifying habits that are unproductive and harmful so that you can cut them out of your life How to Deal with overthinking to prevent overwhelm paralysis The Secrets to staying committed to your action plan so that you will be able to realize the goals that you have set out to achieve Your 15-minute action plan for you to increase your productivity right away! And much, much more! Would you like to know more? Simply scroll up and click the BUY BUTTON to get started.

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