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'A delightful insight into an eclectic life' The Daily Telegraph 'Very funny and astute . . . a loathly feast for royal-watchers' Hilary Mantel, New Statesman Books of the Year 2018 'A complete delight, conjuring up, with a few sharp strokes of the pen, a mad, exotic species from a world gone by' Craig Brown, Mail on Sunday 'Gloriously indiscreet . . . the best royal book ever' Harry Mount, Financial Times * * * When James Pope-Hennessy began his work on Queen Mary's official biography, it opened the door to meetings with royalty, court members and retainers around Europe. The series of candid observations, secrets and indiscretions contained in his notes were to be kept private for 50 years. Now published in full for the first time and edited by the highly admired royal biographer Hugo Vickers, this is a riveting, often hilarious portrait of the eccentric aristocracy of a bygone age. Giving much greater insight into Queen Mary than the official version, and including sharply observed encounters with, among others, the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, the Duke of Gloucester, and a young Queen Elizabeth, The Quest for Queen Mary is set to be a classic of royal publishing.
From 1894/95-1935/36, pt.6 of each volume is issued separately, with titles, 1894/95-1902/03: Code list of merchant vessels of the United States; 1903/04-1935/36: Seagoing vessels of the United States.
Enjoy this diverting drama by Lord Alfred Tennyson about the reign of Queen Mary I of England.
Queen Mary IMary I, perhaps best known by the moniker Bloody Mary, was England's first female monarch who ruled in her own right. A fighter from birth, she was the only surviving child of Henry VIII and his wife Catherine of Aragon. Mary would make her way back to her father's good graces after being cast out by him in favor of his numerous wives and would eventually undo her father's religious reforms by restoring Roman Catholicism in England. The fourth Tudor to rule England, Mary is remembered for burning around three hundred Protestants at the stake on her quest for religious reform.Inside you will read about...✓ A Survivor from Birth✓ Her Father's Six Wives✓ Long Road to the Throne✓ Executions and Phantom Pregnancies✓ The Death of Bloody MaryAnd much more!In this book, we will discover the true-life story of Mary I-the infamous English queen who claimed her place in history after a mere five years as regent.
A history of painting in Britain from the sixteenth century as illustrated by the works in the Royal Collection. Contains discussions on the role the British monarchy have played in forming a British school and their influence on British painting via their patronage. Published to accompany exhibition held at the Queen's Gallery, Buckingham Palace, 15/5 - 11/10 1998.
"The most knowledgeable royal biographer on the planet" -- The Financial Times Hugo Vickers is an acknowledged authority on the British Royal Family. He has commented on royal matters on television and radio since 1973 and worked as historical adviser on a number of films. He is the author of books on the Queen Mother, the Duchess of Windsor, Princess Andrew of Greece (Prince Philip's mother) and Queen Mary all of whom are featured in the popular Netflix show, The Crown. Since November 2016, Peter Morgan has presented millions of viewers with the first 3 seasons of The Crown, positioned as an accurate, dramatized portrayal of the life and reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Now, in The Crown Dissected, Vickers separates fact from fiction in all 3 seasons of the series. Episode-by-episode analysis dissects the plots, characterization and historical detail in each storyline. Vickers tells us what really happened and what certainly did not happen. It's a must-read for fans of the show, and proves that more than a little artistic license has gone into the making of The Crown.
An encyclopedic guide to Antarctic matters including geographical features, expeditions, people, scientific subjects, and general interest items, for laymen and specialists. Includes a chronology of exploration, list of expeditions and annotated bibliography.
Born to reign upon the seas, the RMS Queen Mary is a testament to British shipbuilding. In both war and peace, her career has stood out more than any other liner. In addition to all the work she's accomplished for humanity, the Mary is also coveted as being one of the most haunted places on earth. Paranormal researcher and author Nicole Strickland has conducted both historical and paranormal research on the Queen Mary for many years. In this book, she delves deeply into the vessel's spiritual phenomena, sharing her many encounters with its ghostly activity and resident energies. In addition to discussion about the Mary's various ghosts and spirits and hot spot locations, this volume also shares previously unpublished experiences from research colleagues and ship visitors. Stories abound for each Queen Mary passenger and crew member. In a way, her spiritual phenomena help to share the story of her unrivaled career on the high seas, a quest to help keep both her living and haunted legends afloat. Uniting the people of her past with those of her present, this stately masterpiece continues to share her living haunted legend with visitors from all over the world.
Cecil Beaton was one of Britain's greatest cultural icons - not just as a photographer capturing some of the most celebrated portraits of the 20th century but also as designer of the iconic sets and costumes for the films My Fair Lady and Gigi. In 1980, Beaton personally chose Hugo Vickers to be his biographer, entrusting him with his diaries and the entire body of letters he had written - both personally and professionally - over the course of his life. Drawing on five years of intensive research and interviews with the likes of Audrey Hepburn, Truman Capote, Princess Grace of Monaco and Sir John Gielgud, Vickers' biography was an instant bestseller upon its publication in 1985. Exploring Beaton's metamorphosis from being the child of a staid middle-class family to an international figure mingling with the glittering stars of his age, the biography also details his great love for Greta Garbo and reveals his private sense of failure that the success he always wanted - as a playwright - eluded him. Republished in a new paperback edition in time for Bright Young Things, a major exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in 2020, Cecil Beaton is the definitive and authorised biography of one of the world's most fascinating, famous and admired photographers.

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