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From a beloved master of crime fiction, The Quick Red Fox is one of many classic novels featuring Travis McGee, the hard-boiled detective who lives on a houseboat. She’s the opposite of a damsel in distress: a famous movie star, very beautiful, very much in control of her life. She’s just made one little mistake and now she needs Travis McGee to set it right. The money is good and Travis’s funds are in need of replenishing. But that’s not the only reason he takes the case. There is the movie star’s assistant—efficient and reserved, with a sadness underneath that makes McGee feel he’d brave any danger to help her. “John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all us in the field. Talk about the best.”—Mary Higgins Clark Sultry movie star Lysa Dean has gotten herself into a spot of blackmail, posing for naked photos while participating in a debauched party near Big Sur. If the pictures get out, Lysa’s engagement to her rich, strait laced fiancé doesn’t stand a chance. Enter Travis McGee, who’s agreed to put a stop to the extortion, working alongside Lysa’s assistant, Dana Holtzer. They begin by tracking down everyone associated with the lurid evening, and soon enough they’re led on a chase across the nation as murder after murder piles up. Further complicating matters, Travis and Dana’s relationship soon turns steamy. And just when he thinks he knows exactly where things are headed, one big twist shakes McGee’s life to the very foundation. Features a new Introduction by Lee Child
'MacDonald had a huge influence on me . . . Reacher is like a fully detached version of Travis McGee' LEE CHILD Travis McGee isn’t your typical knight in shining armour. He only works when his cash runs out, and his rule is simple: He’ll help you find whatever was taken from you, as long as he can keep half. Hollywood’s leading lady Lysa Dean isn’t in the business of making mistakes. But a night involving a debauched party and some naked photos turns out to be one mistake too many. If the pictures get out, Lysa’s engagement to her rich, strait-laced fiancé won’t stand a chance. She needs someone to set her life back on track. Travis McGee has his own reasons for taking the job. He soon finds himself led on a wild chase across the country, trying to track down everyone associated with the fateful evening. But just when Travis thinks he knows exactly where things are headed, one big twist shakes his very core . . . First published in 1964, The Quick Red Fox features an introduction by Lee Child JOHN D. MACDONALD: A GRAND MASTER CRIME WRITER 'The great entertainer of our age, and a mesmerizing storyteller' - Stephen King 'Travis McGee is my favourite fiction detective. He’s great because he has a philosophical side – he will fight a bunch of mobsters in a car park and then have a muse about life, the universe and everything' - Tony Parsons 'A dominant influence on writers crafting the continuing series character . . . I envy the generation of readers just discovering Travis McGee' - Sue Grafton 'The consummate pro, a master storyteller and witty observer . . . The Travis McGee novels are among the finest works of fiction ever penned by an American author and they retain a remarkable sense of freshness' - Jonathan Kellerman '. . . my favorite novelist of all time' - Dean Koontz 'A master storyteller, a masterful suspense writer . . . John D. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in the field' - Mary Higgins Clark 'What a joy that these timeless and treasured novels are available again' - Ed McBain 'There’s only one thing as good as reading a John D. MacDonald novel: reading it again . . . He is the all-time master of the American mystery novel' - John Saul
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