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From the author of Kevin and I in India The true story of two people who tried and failed to destroy each other. And fell in love. Again. “A memoir about a troubled marriage formed on reckless indulgence being rebuilt offers a fascinating narrative arc. Like all good biographies, ‘The Reckless Years’ is as engaging and dramatic as fiction.” ~ Scott Pack, Harper Collins
One year. Four continents. And a love-crazed travel writer going off the beaten track... SPA SPA SILVER MEDAL WINNER, BEST NON-FICTION BOOK 2015 “…another action-packed and funny memoir from Frank Kusy…” “…fast moving, highly engaging, informative and hysterically funny…” "...scratches the hilarious underbelly of travel journalism and makes it purr..." “…I know I will read again just because it was so much fun the first time…” OFF THE BEATEN TRACK In 1989, Frank Kusy found himself the unwilling love pawn of a booted and bodiced Boadicea on a Harley low rider. Then he fell in love with someone else, and it got a lot worse. Trapped in a small bedsit in London, with strange foreign curses coming through the door, he jumped at the chance to write a travel book on SouthEast Asia. There followed the craziest year of his life...
Acclaimed as one of the funniest and true to life stories about India ever written, this 'diary of disaster' was an instant bestseller upon publication in 1986 and remains a firm favourite with readers today. "Relentlessly honest, refreshingly uncontrived, this diary really works." (The Sunday Tribune) "India, at low-budget tourist level, is buffeting and bullying. But over four months travelling, Frank Kusy remains indefatigably and irrepressibly jocular." (The Mail on Sunday) "Easy to read, interesting and funny, you feel you are there with Frank and Kevin, cooped up in trains, starving for days and then going on massive binges, going thirsty and then drinking coffee, only to find that it's been sweetened with baboon's milk." (The Surrey Mercury) When Frank and Kevin first met in an empty Arab airport lounge on their way to India, it was the beginning of a friendship which would take them together across the length and breadth of the Indian sub-continent, ending up in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal. 'Kevin and I in India' is the unexpurgated, often outrageous, diary of their travels – from the hill-stations of the deep south to the Taj Mahal in the north, from the Goan beaches of the west to the sacred Ganges and the Bodhi Tree in the east. Full of anecdotes, observations and travellers' tales, the two Englishmen weave a crazy, erratic path through a variety of adventures and misadventures, in constant battle against officialdom, insects, heat, dust, ticket-queues and mad traffic. Here is the real India – stripped of illusion, but adorned with humour and exuberance. Here is a kaleidoscopic potpourri of fascinating sights, scenes and people, with each day of the journey more exciting, more packed with incident, than the last.
"…a hilarious memoir about enlightenment and old age…" "…a superb lead-in to Frank's travel memoirs proper…" "…honest, whimsical, and keenly observing…" "…Frank is a wonderful story-teller, I really warmed to him…" As Frank Kusy turns 27 he is unexpectedly put in charge of an old people's home in Clapham, South London. Driven to distraction by a crazy cast of characters he seeks solace in Buddhism, only to find himself up to his ears in plasticine pigs and marathon chanting sessions. Will he make his mum happy by holding down a 'proper' job? Will he make her unhappy by becoming a writer? Will he get to share cheese sandwiches with Kevin in Kathmandu? And will he be forced to exchange his underpants in Japan?
Humanity, we are taught, has always looked to the heavens for inspiration, solace, even salvation. Why? What did our ancestors see there? How was it understood? And how will we, in this enlightened, high-tech age, benefit by discovering the motives and miscalculations of ancient teachings? Jansen Estrups Tales of a Clear, Dark Night is a stunning inquiry into the essence of archaeological, mythic and cosmological lore, and their relationship to the pandemic of violence at large in todays societies. Working the night watch with unusual savvy, he balances toughness with compassion while deftly illustrating the murderous intrigues which are uncovered. An original and controversial thinker, Estrup concludes that all oppression is rooted in nothing less than the stories we tell each other and our children. Asking questions until he has answers, the author masterfully weaves together the threads of past and present into a griping read.
Explores the social and political aspects of Russian art in a saga that spans Byzantine Christianity, the czarist splendor, the return of brutalized exiles to their homelands, and the artists who captured these moments
From the author of The Object of My Affection comes a warm and witty family drama about love and lust, trust and betrayal, commitment and denial. Jane Cody keeps lists. After all, how else would she keep track of her life—her job producing a Boston TV show; her amiable but frankly dull second husband; and her precocious six-year-old son who “doesn't do small talk” but loves to bake. And as if that weren't enough she has an acid-tongued mother-in-law living in her barn, an arthritic malamute lodger to walk, and a dangerously seductive ex-husband on the scene. In New York, Desmond Sullivan is fretting that his five-year relationship with smart, sweet Russell is too monogamous and settled. Perhaps a spell as writer-in-residence at Deerforth College will cure that, and also allow him to finish his biography of one of the 'sixties greatest forgotten mediocrities, torch singer Pauline Anderton? When Jane and Desmond meet in Boston, they embark on a TV documentary about the elusive Anderton, which is to take them on a journey of self-discovery in which they learn as much about their own secrets and lies than they ever wanted to know.

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