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An anthropologist describes life among the Eveny people of Siberia, detailing their nomadic way of life in one of the most inhospitable places on Earth, their close relationship with the reindeer who share their environment, and their successful survival despite their harsh living conditions and Soviet efforts at control. Reprint.
A voyage of discovery into the life of a remote aboriginal community in the Siberian Arctic, where the reindeer has been a part of daily life since Palaeolithic times.
Mollee is a charming and precocious manatee who lives in an ideal world—until she is chosen to be an Ambassador for the good will of her species. With the help of a magic sea-bean, Mollee is transformed from a sea creature to a land animal, and her journey to find out about other species and cultures begins. As Mollee embarks on her first assignment to Mongolia in search of the illusive Reindeer People, she travels through a magical land, learning about the people and their way of life. She meets a horse who takes her to visit the Reindeer People, and she soon discovers their secrets of survival in the face of extinction and climate change. She also learns how they manage to live in peace with another species. What Mollee learns from these compassionate people and their reindeer may change her life forever! In this exciting tale of adventure, a manatee sent on a quest halfway around the world in search of the illusive and mysterious Reindeer People learns valuable lessons about peace, happiness, and compassion for all the world’s creatures.
As a young man American Hugh Beach went to live with the Saami reindeerherders of Swedish Lapland. His lyrically written and very personalstory of trying to fit into the herding way of life is a rareinsider's account of the Saami. In a passionate and informedAfterword to this new edition of the book, he revisits his old friendsand looks at how Sweden is attempting to balance the conflicting needsof reindeer herders and environmentalists in the 21st century.
The history and development of The Alaskan Reindeer Experiment and the Canadian Reindeer Project.

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