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Shattered by the sudden loss of his wife, home and business, once-successful advertising executive Alan Christoffersen embarks on a cross-country backpacking journey during which he meets people who help him to gain profound spiritual understandings. Reprint.
All of her life, Grace Bidwell has longed for a loving husband and children, but now the chances of her dreams coming true are looking slim. Widowed and caring for her elderly father, she struggles to maintain her late husband's ranch, until she places an ad for a hired hand. Robert Frasier arrives in town with three pitiful, bedraggled children who have nothing but the tattered clothes on their backs and a load of hurt, pride, and anger. Believing this is divine intervention in her life, Grace welcomes them with open arms. As feelings grow between her and Robert, Grace will have to convince him that she is a woman who can be trusted with his heart. Readers will be swept away into 1860s Montana's lush Gallatin Valley, nestled among towering mountains and proud pines, in this emotional conclusion to the Virtues and Vices of the Old West series.
When famine visits Bethlehem, Boaz holds out hope for rain while his relative Elimelech moves his wife Naomi and their sons to Moab. For a while, it appears the Lord is blessing Elimelech's family, and his sons marry two lovely Moabite women. But calamities strike, one after another, leaving Naomi alone in a foreign land with only her childless daughters-in-law for comfort. When news reaches Naomi that the famine in Bethlehem has lifted, only Ruth will hazard the journey to her mother-in-law's homeland. Destitute and downhearted, Naomi resigns herself to a life of bitter poverty, but Ruth holds out hope for a better future. And Boaz may be the one God has chosen to provide it. Combining meticulous research with her endless imagination, Jill Eileen Smith gorgeously renders one of the most beautiful stories in Scripture. Readers will adore this third installment of the inspiring Daughters of the Promised Land series.
The arrival of a wealthy young man leads Grace to question what she really wants in life.
At last, Libby learns what happened to her body. Isabelle’s witchy skills are the answer, but what happens when danger comes in multiples to Summit’s Edge? To protect the ones she loves, Libby has to battle an evil she never imagined. Another murder, closer to home, may stop her from getting the answers she seeks. Sickness, a kidnapping, sacrifice, and the revelation of her secret could take away the one she loves the most and cause her to be banished from the world of the living. Libby is running out of time. She’s losing the connection to her body. In the end, will her choices lead to life or death? Search Terms: mysteries and thrillers, women sleuth, woman sleuth, vampire, paranormal mystery, mystery, cozy mystery
The thrilling conclusion to #1 bestselling Shiver trilogy from Maggie Stievater In Maggie Stiefvater's SHIVER, Grace and Sam found each other. In LINGER, they fought to be together. Now, in FOREVER, the stakes are even higher than before. Wolves are being hunted. Lives are being threatened. And love is harder and harder to hold on to as death comes closing in.
Grace wishes to make her own way like her other three brothers and attempts to balance her new political life with her husbands. He husband for months at a time is left alone and therefore becomes involved in extra martial affairs. As Secretary of State, the fourth in line to become the President of the United States without actually being voted for, wants to show the world that she can do the job and becomes involved in all sorts of foreign policies that have been historically established and some of her own., There is presented some actual data about the life of Alfred Hamby, the author of the 8 series of Three Brothers Plus On, while growing up into maturity. There are four (4) possibilities that are presented in regards to his growing up. You must use your imagination and maybe combine all his life stories into one (1) to get the real truth and or just take one (1).

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