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Master of horror R.L. Stine returns to his comedy roots in this laugh-out-loud, rotten-to-the-core, wildly popular chapter book series about the crazy antics at Rotten School! Bernie Bridges, the most popular fourth grader at Rotten School, has got it made with loyal friends, a girlfriend (even if she pretends she’s not), and even a heated waterbed! But what Bernie doesn’t have is a solid-gold digital watch with forty-two functions like his archrival Sherman Oaks. But Bernie has a plan to get it. Bernie always has a plan! It’s time for a blueberry pie eating contest. Winner takes all! Packed with three dozen hilariously disgusting half-tone illustrations by Trip Park, readers won’t be able to resist the madness at Rotten School—where good is good, bad is better, and rotten is the absolute best!
April-May June Loves Bernie Bridges . . . she just doesn't know it yet. She's the coolest hottest girl in the school and Bernie thinks she should go to the dance with him. April-May won't even be seen with Bernie because he's such a troublemaker. So Bernie makes her a promise—a really scary promise. He says he'll stay out of trouble for a whole week if she promises to go to the dance with him. Bernie is shaking, quivering, quaking. Can he turn into a goody-goody—especially when it's time for the famous (against the rules!) super slimy slug race?
I started off as a musician in high school playing guitar and bass. Coming out of high school, I know some of my own songs as well as other artists. I didnt start writing poems for a while though. Except in high school, for English class, I wrote a poem going Lets blow up the rotten school and build ourselves a swimming pool.. and that raised an issue of school threats similar to bomb threats of this day and age. Then there was this dirty poem I wrote in my early 20s. But I was still writing songs then. I took some college courses in jazz, piano, songwriting and creative writing. Back in 85 I recorded with that famous producer. Butch was who produced Neverworld of nirvana, a number one album of the year in the early 90s. Then in 86 I started a 20 year sentence for a crime. This is where I started writing poetry. I took a uw-extension course in creative writing. I wrote a few and people liked them so I wrote more. There came a time where I used poetry as therapy. I would write 2 poems for every 2 weeks. And that beats writers block. A lot of BEST OF KEN JACKSON has that stuff. Then I was released in 99 and I put out a bunch of rock n roll albums. I was also participating in a monthly poetry group for a while. There is a section of this book I wrote using a variety of student researchers. Thank you for reading this book. Ken Jackson
Sherman Oaks Is A Rat. Sherman is so spoiled and rich that he threw away his allowance because some of the hundred-dollar bills were wrinkled! He and his goody-goody friends and Nyce House are always trying to get Bernie Bridges and his Rotten House buddies into trouble. Well Bernie's in big trouble now. Bernie has a dog in his room, Sherman know it -- and there are NO PETS ALLOWED at Rotten School! Bernie has to find a way to hide Gassy, his dog. But the dog stinks. Hey, why do you think they call him Gassy?
A California family witness unforeseen murders of family members while police search for clues and the clock keeps ticking. Who will be next? Set in the hills above San Diego, California, where Don Luis Estoban establishes Rancho De Oro hoping to keep his holdings prosperous for future generations. In the 1950’s, after great wealth is gained, Arturo Estoban marries a San Francisco socialite and together they have three sons, Juan, Gustavo, and Ricardo, to carry on the Estoban name. Gustavo grows into a destructive bully with carnal desires. His greed and lust affects every family member and as he matures into a man he continues to battle his inner demons. A sudden chain of events leads to several questionable murders within the Estoban Clan and unsolved cases at the police department continue to increase, yet, in each case, everyone in the family has an iron clad alibis. There is no question that someone is out for revenge; but who? In this complex mystery, a California family is shocked by the death of family members and must help the police find clues to stop the killings before another member is found dead.
The storytelling tradition has long been an important piece of Kentucky history and culture. Folktales, legends, tall tales, and ghost stories hold a special place in the imaginations of inventive storytellers and captive listeners. In Kentucky Folktales: Revealing Stories, Truths, and Outright Lies Kentucky storyteller Mary Hamilton narrates a range of stories with the voice and creativity only a master storyteller can evoke. Hamilton has perfected the art of entrancing an audience no matter the subject of her tales. Kentucky Folktales includes stories about Daniel Boone's ability to single-handedly kill a bear, a daughter who saves her father's land by outsmarting the king, and a girl who uses gingerbread to exact revenge on her evil stepmother, among many others. Hamilton ends each story with personal notes on important details of her storytelling craft, such as where she first heard the story, how it evolved through frequent re-tellings and reactions from audiences, and where the stories take place. Featuring tales and legends from all over the Bluegrass State, Kentucky Folktales captures the expression of Kentucky's storytelling tradition.

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