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While Allan Ogot's circuits of influence have been very wide, and while he has participated in conferences and forums around the world, he has never yielded his intellectual and personal anchorage in Kenya - though he has had numerous opportunities to accept distinguished chairs overseas. Extraordinarily, Allan Ogot has sustained his incredible level of service and scholarship through shifting and challenging conditions within Kenya and within Africa, navigating changing economic and political circumstances. His steady hand and persistent commitment to the highest ideals of scholarly engagement and community provide remarkable model for all who are dedicating themselves and will dedicate themselves to Africanist scholarship. This autobiography provides a commentary on the history of Kenya as seen through Allan Ogot's life experiences.
An enlightening look at a unique and remarkable Jewish community
A compilation of genealogical information concerning the Emert, Lowe, Maples, Atchley, Tyson, Lindsey, Huskey, and Trotter Families.
Written by key scholars and authors, this collection of essays examines contemporary and historical children’s literature. From a wry look at girls' school stories from the last century to a thought-provoking analysis of contemporary, illustrated children's books from Australia, this volume offers a timely and critical examination of the overt and subtle ways in which children's literature reflects and responds to the political environment from which it springs. Wide-ranging in its approach and themes, this account also discusses the interplay between culture and identity and how these influences are reflected in children’s books.
The Sands of Time is a series of short stories dealing with both the wildlife of today, prehistoric and ancient cultures, and the history behind astronomy. In this time period, Barbara Silverman writes about unusual animal species, many unfamiliar to the average person. Then traveling back into the past you, the reader, will share the lives of people from long ago. You will listen to animal mythology and see how it affected their daily lives. You will look at the skies through the eyes of these cultures from long ago, listening to their stories and visiting some of the astronomically aligned structures that have been left behind. While, in more modern times there are several stories about various astronomers that helped to shape our knowledge of the stars and planets. These astronomers lived in different times, different places, but united by their love of the stars. The Sands of Time was written for the average reader. Well researched, well written, sometimes with a sense of humour, this book contains something for everyone, whether you are a casual reader or someone looking for in-depth reading, you will not be disappointed.
When Shona Paterson lost both her parents within a short space of time, she felt as though her world had fallen apart. Although the death of her adored father was expected and accepted, painful as it was, the death of her mother a few weeks later was a complete shock. Shona found herself in a dark place, full of sadness and regrets about things she felt could have been handled better. Feeling robbed of the time she thought she still had with her mum, Shona struggled to cope with the loss. Her mum was no longer at the end of the telephone for a chat, and all the plans they had for her moving back home to Scotland, shattered. Shona was consumed with guilt about childhood sulks and teenage wilfulness, but her husband Robert encouraged her to think about all the support she had given them when they needed it most, and how valued and loved she was to them. Supported by Robert and her amazing family and friends, Shona eventually found peace by remembering the good times, growing up in a small but loving family. This book is a tribute to them, but will also strike a chord with anyone who has lost their parents.

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