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The first edition of 7Cs has established itself firmly as the only complete and definitive guide to the consulting process. This updated second edition contains new models and includes a very timely additional section on ethical consulting. Key Features: • •There has been a general increase in consulting business – it rose by 10% in 2001 •No other consulting book describes the full life cycle of the consulting process
CLIENT, CLARIFY, CREATE, CHANGE, CONFIRM, CONTINUE, CLOSE = THE SEVEN SECRETS OF CONSULTANCY "Most change methods are effective. For the most part, each one is theoretically sound, well-researched, and clearly articulated. But when they're put in organizations, they fail-at least 70 to 80% of the time". George Smart, Managing Partner, Strategic Development Incorporated The definition of a consultant is someone who facilitates organisational change and provides expertise on technical, functional and business topics during development or implementation. In other words a consultant is someone who helps others to change. However, change isn’t such an easy target to achieve. Research shows that the vast majority of change programmes fail. On a daily basis we hear about projects that are delayed, cancelled, over budget or boycotted by the end user. The problem is that we can never force people to change - remember the backlash against Jamie Oliver’s healthy school meals campaign where parents handed junk food to their children through school fences. The key to successful change is to engage with the end user and help them want to change. The Seven Cs of Consulting offers a consistent and collaborative language that helps both consultant and client deliver value through sustainable change. Based around the author’s highly successful 7Cs model (Client, Clarify, Create, Change, Confirm, Continue, Close) this approach is simple and accessible but firmly grounded in research and real life experience. The 7Cs approach opens up the complexity of sustainable change to the consultant and client and helps them explore- and then avoid - the real issues that cause change to fail within a more professional and trusting relationship.
Packed with tools and techniques that ensure each stage of the framework is understood by both coach and client, and completed successfully. The Seven Cs of Coaching provides a unique and easily personalized guide to the whole process.
Success as a consultant is not the result of spontaneous combustion. It takes hard work, dedication, and perseverance. Successful Consulting: Mastering the Five Challenges that can Make or Break you as an Independent Consultant is the fuel to get aspiring and struggling consultants fired up and on their way to success. Authors and consultants Fred and Peggy Fisher detail five critical challenges that need to be conquered in order to build a successful consulting business. They include the following: Personal and professional readiness factors The financial reality of selling your skills and knowledge one day at a time Putting together a successful marketing and business development plan Honing a wide range of interpersonal, group, and technical communication skills Building sustainable client relationships Using their unique experiences in the profession, Fred and Peggy guide you through the process step-by-step. Successful Consulting: Mastering the Five Challenges that can Make or Break you as an Independent Consultant will help you discover your potential and tap your inner consultant. Don't wait another moment-achieve your consulting dreams today!
A beginner's guide to the world of consulting, for firms planning to create a footprint and for fellow professionals aiming to get a foothold in this fascinating space. A comprehensive collection of practitioner’s insights compiled from experiences ranging from practice creation, consultative selling, offerings development, engagement execution, building competencies and mentoring consultants. Perspectives covered are across the consulting spectrum from Strategy to Architecture, Portfolio, Process, Governance, Infrastructure, Outsourcing and Transformation Consulting christened as SAPPGIO-T.
A must have for all practising and aspiring consultants and strategists, this book covers a wide range of consultancy tools and techniques that are well displayed, well described and well referenced. The tools and techniques are helpfully divided in to twenty recognisable skills sectors within management consultancy fields and specialisms. The depiction of the content with diagrams aids the process of quick reference and ease of understanding. The tools and techniques can be utilised across the whole range of organisational sectors, both private and public. The purpose is not to short cut formal learning, but to provide easy access to a ‘toolbox’ of tried and tested management approaches through a collection of models, tools and occasional brief notes which consultants, managers and scholars can use in a practical way.
Where do you want to be in 5 years' time? Don't know? Anywhere but here? If you know there really is somewhere else you'd rather be (even if you don't know where that is) you need to become you own career consultant.

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