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H.W. Tilman has been called 'arguably the best expedition writer and best explorer-mountaineer' of the 20th century. This omnibus of exploratory mountain travel covers the years 1919-1952.
THE ALTITUDE EXPERIENCE: Successful Trekking and Climbing Above 8,000 Feet (Falcon) Mike Farris The first comprehensive guide for climbing above 8,000 feet The one-volume resource for any traveler who will be at high altitude for any period of time, this guide contains organized technical information from medical and science texts as well as anecdotes from real climbers who share their own experiences, in the body as well as the mind. This new book also lists preparation and training guidelines for ascending altitude, tips on how to acclimate, what to bring, how to "come down" after descent, and how to treat altitude sickness if it occurs. This is a practical guide for anyone new to such travel, as well as an up-to-date guide with new information for experienced climbers. Mike Farris is a biology professor at Hamline University and an experienced high-altitude climber who has traveled throughout North America, South America and the Himalayas. He lives in Northfield, Minnesota.
Includes Mischief in Patagonia; Mischief Among the Penguins; Mischief in Greenland; and Mostly Mischief.
&‘To those who went to the War straight from school and survived it, the problem of what to do afterwards was particularly difficult.&’ For H.W. Tilman, the solution lay in Africa &– gold prospecting, mountaineering and a 3,000-mile solo bicycle ride across the continent. Tilman was perhaps the greatest explorer of his time, a famed mountaineer and pioneering sailor who made first ascents throughout the Himalaya, attempted Everest, and sailed into the Arctic Circle. For Tilman, the goal was always to discover new places, to explore rather than conquer. Snow on the Equator chronicles Tilman&’s early adventures; his transition from East African coffee planter to famed mountaineer. After World War I, he moved to Africa, meeting Eric Shipton and beginning a hugely successful mountaineering partnership. He hunted game, experimented with mining and climbed Mount Kenya, Kilimanjaro and Ruwenzori before embarking on a remarkable bicycle odyssey across Africa &– recounted here in splendidly funny style. Tilman became one of the greatest of all travel writers. His writings are the works of a subtle and wry humourist with an ironic, yet cultured and committed world view. He is part of the great British tradition of comic writing &– and there is nobody else quite like him.
A thorough and detailed resource that describes the history, culture, and geography of the Himalayan region, providing an indispensable reference work to both general readers and seasoned scholars in the field. • Presents invaluable insights into the dynamics that have shaped the Himalayan region over human history • Provides a context for understanding the importance of the region to a larger understanding of globalization and key related issues we must currently deal with, including but not limited to climate change, border disputes, and economic and political migrations • Offers a balanced understanding of major socio-political issues that affect the region • Supplies a detailed and rich description of the region in a single volume that serves readers who need immediate answers to questions as well as those seeking a comprehensive overview of the complexities of the region
Focusing on the relationship between white European and American climbers and their Sherpa guides on Everest climbs throughout this century, the author explores the cultural divides and mutual dependencies that inform these relationships.

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