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Mixing science with philosophy, the author contemplates what he perceives to be the seven mysteries of life, ranging from evolution to divinity
I am a preacher called by GOD, but I can not impress you with an array of college degrees. I am a blue collar skilled-labor licensed aircraft mechanic by trade, a skill that I leaned in the United States Air Force. God saved me and began to visit me when I was a fatherless boy of ten year's old living in the projects of Pittsburgh, Penn. The Lord was with me as a boy up until I went to Vietnam. After spending a total of three years in Viet-Nam, I returned home with many problems. I had experience the worst side of life, become unsaved with a problem with depression and alcohol. One day I called upon the name of the Lord, Nov 1979. I told God if he really existed and would speak to me, I would serve him. After what I had seen in life, I doubted if there was really a God, and if he even cared. God spoke to me, from then on the Lord Jesus has never stopped speaking to me some way or some how everyday of my life. He delivered me and cleaned me up; set me in a great ministry, the Pittsburgh Revival Center pastor by a true Apostle, Brother Dan and Sister Annie. The Apostle was known all over the area in the 50's until the 80's. There I received the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Also I have been licensed as a minister in the Pentecostal Assembly of the World, and the Church of God in Christ. For years the Lord has prepared me to teach and preach and anoint me for the end-time move of GOD. God Bless You Minister Howard Stevens
The seven vowels which we use every day in speech depend on the phenomenon of harmonics which is at the very basis of music. When we hear vowels we are hearing the laws of harmony which are ultimately the laws of number that are said to govern the universe. This is the first book on the subject to appear in English and brings together the fields of linguistics harmony, mythology, history of religions, and occult philosophy. Scholarly, yet practical, this book gives instructions for discovering one's own healing, centering, and uplifting tones.
Discover The Mystery! The seven mystery chapters depict the secrets on how to institute the superior life God aspires His children to have here on earth. The author sets out by revealing seven key impressive topics to inform God's children on how to discover the secret mysteries which lay unconscious before men. The chosen chapters shed light on a few concepts and solutions such as: How to get answered prayers Are men like trees? Why men reject and God accepts And more... This book is an excellent guide for unlocking the Secret Mysteries!
Do you wonder what you did in past lives? Do you think about your life's purpose? Do you wonder what talents you possess from past incarnations? Noted Astrologer Laurie A. Baum, MSW, answers these occult questions and many others in Sacred Mysteries of Egypt...An Astrological Interpretation of Ancient Holographic Wisdom. Through insightful astrology readings, Laurie will explain why you are attracted to certain people, colors, shapes, numbers, days of the week, and seasons of the year. She also will show you how to harmonize the color of your aura with the color of your clothing, your office, your home, and your bedroom. Within the pages of Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, you will discover the relationship between astrology and the Sacred Mysteries of the Seven Rays of Color, the Chakras, Numerology, Kabbalah, Pyramids, the Moon, Mercury Retrograde and Eclipses. Meditate on the occult wisdom as taught in the Mystery Schools of Ancient Egypt, and find out how these fascinating ancient phenomena influence you and your daily activities. Read Sacred Mysteries of Egypt, and increase your awareness of ancient wisdom today!

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