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Lose up to 50 pounds in 12 weeks with a doctor's proven plan for losing weight-quickly, easily, and permanently. No counting, no measuring, no hassle. If you have tried to lose weight and failed, or lost weight and failed to keep it off, you're not alone. Two out of three Americans are overweight, many with between thirty and one hundred pounds to lose. Now Dr. James W. Anderson, a professor of medicine and clinical nutrition at the University of Kentucky, shares his groundbreaking, scientifically based nutritional plan that has already helped thousands of Americans lose weight-sometimes more than one hundred pounds-and keep it off permanently. It can also help you: Lower cholesterol, high blood pressure, and high blood sugar. Reverse type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and other obesity-related health conditions. Decrease your risk for type 2 diabetes and its related consequences. Eliminate the need for dangerous (and expensive) gastric bypass surgery. Help you feel better about yourself and enjoy your life! Best of all, you can use prepared foods that are easy to find in the supermarket. There's no calorie counting. No measuring. No guesswork. And if you stick with this easy-to-follow plan-as thousands of people already have-there's a nearly foolproof guarantee of success. Lifelong success. Many people have changed their eating habits and improved their health by using this program. Now it's your turn.
Lose weight and keep it off while managing your hunger: That's the simple and effective promise of Volumetrics, the #1 New York Times bestselling diet and lifestyle plan that for more than a decade has shown readers how to feel full on fewer calories. In The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet, Dr. Barbara Rolls expands on her time-tested message with new findings, recipes, and user-friendly tools. Dr. Rolls's twelve-week program supports readers step-by-step as they develop new habits to help them lose weight and keep it off—and her 105 delicious recipes, divided into thirty-five food categories, provide a foundation for personalizing and preparing everything from breakfast favorites to main courses to desserts. The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet also features: Budget- and time-saving tips for losing weight Myth busters shattering common beliefs about diets and dieting Food shopping strategies and options for saving time or saving money Game plans for eating out, including menu buzz words, key questions, calorie labeling, and more New tips for feeding the family and camouflaging veggies in favorite dishes Concise charts with nutritional information for personalizing meals Before-and-after photos comparing standard and Volumetrics recipes, with tips on how they were adapted to provide more food for the calories Change the way you think about managing your weight and enjoy a lifetime of healthy food choices with The Ultimate Volumetrics Diet.
A physician specializing in the treatment of obesity explains how to create a customized weight-loss program that is tailored to each individual's lifestyle, medical profile, food preferences, satiety signals, and other personal factors that contribute to one's weight gain, along with sensible advice on how to control negative behavior patterns and keep weight off forever. 150,000 first printing. First serial, Prevention.
Presents an eight-week plan for weight loss that can be tailored to individual needs, examines common myths that thwart weight loss, and includes recipes that aid in detoxifying and balancing the metabolism.
THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER In addition to natural wear and tear that our bodies experience, environmental toxins accumulate in our cells, accelerating the signs of aging. Autophagy is the cellular process that removes these toxins and repairs the damage left behind. On GLOW15, you start each day with an autophagy-activating ketogenic tea and a light, full-fat breakfast, followed by intermittent fasting and protein cycling. You eat foods that activate autophagy - like dairy, red wine, grains and a blueberry smoothie. It can be that simple to see dramatic results in just 15 days - fast weight loss and glowing, radiant skin. You don't count calories. You don't give up entire food groups. And you don't obsess about the gym. You do, however, get Naomi Whittel's advice for sleep, travel, stress reduction and productivity, as well as delicious and nutritious recipes for eating the GLOW15 way - everything that this 42-year-old CEO and mother of four young children does to look and feel amazing.
Drop 8 pounds in just one week on the science-based plan to lose belly fat and dramatically improve your heart health. Lose Belly Fat and Cut Heart Attack Risk with This Plan Passing a stress test is no guarantee that you won’t suffer a heart attack. Coronary heart disease, the leading cause of death in women and men worldwide, is often a silent killer, striking even those who get a clean bill of health during routine checkups. That’s why we all could use a simple diet upgrade with a plan like The 7-Day Healthy Heart Diet. Even if you’re not obese, carrying around too much belly fat can harm your heart. Studies show that people with high levels of belly fat are at twice the risk of heart attack or dying from heart problems. The good news is that you can slash your risk of heart disease by losing as little as 5% of your body weight. That's about 8 pounds for a 165-pound woman or 10 pounds for 200-pound man. The 7-Day Healthy Heart Diet will help you do that. It is not a restrictive diet. In fact, you can eat almost anything you want because it doesn’t require eliminating your favorite foods Instead, you’ll add super foods, delicious nutritional powerhouse foods, that protect your heart while helping you get rid of dangerous belly fat. The 7-Day Healthy Heart Diet is a simple plan that yields quick and significant results. In just one week, you can expect to drop up to 8 pounds, mostly from your belly, triggering immediate heart-protective benefits. You’ll also feel lighter and more energetic, more optimistic and happy. By simply swapping whole power foods for the sodium-laden, sugary processed foods in your diet, you’ll reduce cravings, eliminate belly bloat, improve your digestion, clear out “brain fog,” and get much more restorative sleep—the natural fountain of youth! This practical guide gives you everything you need to start losing pounds and improving your cardiovascular health. You’ll get… A motivating heart health evaluation tool that you can share with your doctor. An easy-to-follow, 6-step plan of action based on the newest scientific research on weight-loss and heart health. A 7-day meal plan that eliminates guesswork and keeps you on track. Delicious recipes that cut sugar and sodium overload and rejuvenate your body with fat-burning, heart-supporting whole super foods. A super-effective walking program for the cardio and fat-burning benefits of high-intensity interval training without the knee pounding of running. You’ll love it and want to recruit your friends to join you. A guide to eating healthier at restaurants. And more! The 7-Day Healthy Heart Diet is the ideal program for anyone who is concerned about his or her heart and wants to start getting rid of dangerous belly fat today.
Conceived by Dr. Juan Rivera, a board-certified internist and cardiologist in Miami who trained at Johns Hopkins Hospital and has helped countless patients lose weight, The Mojito Diet is a 14-day plan that will help you shed pounds, move more freely, and toast your way to permanently improving your health. Lose the weight, without skipping the party! Dr. Juan Rivera has heard it all before. “I don’t want to give up my comfort foods.” “I can’t handle the hunger pangs.” “You can’t ask me to give up my mojitos!” That’s why Dr. Juan, board certified internist and preventative cardiologist, designed The Mojito Diet, a foolproof plan developed to help you lose weight and improve your heart health, without the roadblocks that make you quit halfway. Based on the latest science, yet designed for real-world results, The Mojito Diet combines principles from the most effective diets—low-carb and intermittent fasting—into a unique and powerful 14-day plan that targets fat without causing carb cravings or hunger pangs. In two simple, straightforward steps, you’ll not only lose weight but also improve your heart health, and be able to reward yourself with a refreshing mojito at least twice a week! After reaching your goal weight, Dr. Juan eases you into his Mojito Maintenance Plan, designed to help you easily integrate healthy eating habits into your daily routine to keep the weight off con gusto. Complete with motivating tips, inspiring success stories, an easy-to-follow meal plan, and 75 delicious recipes bursting with Latin flavor, The Mojito Diet will transform your health, one sip at a time. ¡Salud!

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