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The Skinny 5:2 Fast Diet Meals For One Single Serving Fast Day Recipes & Snacks Under 100, 200 & 300 Calories At last a 5:2 Diet recipe book for SINGLE SERVINGS If you are cooking for ONE who wants to waste time working out ingredients and recipes to make single servings? Unlike most 5:2 books, ALL the recipes and snacks in this book are SINGLE SERVING recipes which will get you on your way to losing those extra pounds and feeling great FAST Packed with: Over 100 delicious recipe & snack inspiration ideas Intro, advice and info on the 5:2 Diet All recipes are MEALS FOR ONE The Skinny 5:2 Fast Diet Meals For One has everything you need to get you inspired and on track with your weight-loss. So what are you waiting for? Start today with the diet that has changed millions of people s lives around the world. Look out for our new men's 5:2 title: MANFOOD: 5:2 Fast Diet Meals For Men: Simple & Delicious, Fuss Free, Fast Day Recipes For Men Under 200, 300, 400 & 500 Calories.
5:2 Diet Vegetarian Meals for One Cookbook Losing weight is always difficult and knowing which diet will work best for you can be even harder, until now. This cookbook makes it simple to follow the 5:2 Fast Diet because the food is so easy to make. The amount of weight that you can lose on this diet is amazing and all without feeling deprived or hungry. Research into the 5:2 Diet has shown that by restricting calories for just two days a week will help you lose weight fast and healthily. Starting today, you will discover how to shed pounds and in the process you will gain energy, look thinner and feel fitter. Includes: * Smoothies less than 100 & 200 calories * Cooked Breakfasts * Delicious Lunches & Dinners * 5:2 Quick Start * Help and Advice on the 5:2 Fast Diet * Calorie Counter * Snacks & Treats with Calorie Counter The recipes are low-calorie, easy to cook and no nonsense ingredients. You can make extra, freeze ahead and limit your time in the kitchen. The research and testing has been done, so all you have to do now is relax, choose your days meals and watch the weight just drop off
How I Was Able To Finally Lose That Last 14 Pounds In Two Months After I Started the 5:2 Fast Diet You Really Can Lose at Least 3-5 lbs Each Week by Following the 5:2 Fast Diet This cookbook contains all the vegetarian menus you will need to follow the 5:2 Intermittent Fasting Diet. This is the 'diet' that lets you eat normally five days a week but on the other two you are only allowed to eat 500 calories if you are a woman and 600 calories if you are a man. This is regardless of your present weight or weight loss aim. It is often a problem to know what to eat on a fasting day. You could just buy a low calorie ready meal but they often contain undesirable ingredients and work out quite expensive over a longer period. However it makes sense to cook something quick and easy because you don't want to be in the kitchen too long when you are trying to eat less. This recipe book has over 60 vegetarian recipes that will actually make your fasting days something to look forward to. They include easy lunches and some delicious dinners. The recipes are carefully put together with a balance of protein and carbohydrates. They will satisfy even the hungriest appetites on your two fasting days and they are not just smaller portions. Includes: Hearty Potato and Leek Soup Mushroom Risotto Spinach & Mushroom Pie Cauliflower Crumble Bake Leek & Bean Frattata Courgette & Cheese Tart Veggie Stew & Dumplings Menus are set out in either 1, 2 or 4 portions depending on ingredients and are calorie grouped. The author suggests you cook bigger batches and freeze the extra portions for your other fasting days. This will save you cooking every fasting day which should make it easier. Many recipes are suitable for freezing and these have been marked as such. The recipe index shows the calorie count so that you can go straight to a menu that is within your allowance. This is so you can plan out your fasting day menus in advance. This index is great if you need to cut back on your evening meal. So if you want some delicious but low calorie meals that will help you to lose weight easily and without any pain, give this book a try, you really will be delighted with the results. What you'll also discover inside: The No. 1 reason why the 5:2 diet is different, how the 5:2 works, the science behind it and why it is so successful. Over 60 incredibly easy recipes using normal ingredients for everyday cooking all calorie counted. Advice on fitting the 5:2 around busy days with some time saving menus and cooking shortcuts. Dozens more ideas with everything from quick snacks, easy lunches and delicious suppers and how to adapt them to suit your life and budget. Overview of the 5:2 with handy tips to get you started. How much weight should I aim to lose and how much weight will I lose? How long can I stay on 5:2 and where can I get more support if my weight loss slows? Who Should NOT go on this diet Plus so much more......
The 5:2 Diet, also known as The Fast Diet, is gaining momentum worldwide as thousands of people who try it see how effective it is for weight loss and improving their general well-being. Many books about the diet focus on fish and meat and ignore the fact that as a vegetarian you are perfectly placed to follow the diet with amazing low-calorie vegetables. This book makes fast days interesting, fun and painless. Everything here is nutritious and vegetarian, with many vegan-friendly recipes. Most recipes are also gluten-free. The fast-day meal recipes are all super quick (30 minutes or less), accessible, satisfying, and nutrient-rich, yet all under 300 calories. If youre cooking for non-fasters, there are suggestions for multiplying and bulking out the meals for family members. With an introduction to the 5:2 lifestyle, advice on how to stock your kitchen, and easy and delicious fast-day recipes for breakfast, snacks, main meals, flavour bombs, drinks, weekly meal planners, calorie charts and plenty of fasting tips, this is the book to change your life, for good.
The 5:2 Diet is transforming lives worldwide. Thousands are losing weight, improving their health and saving money. Now, The Ultimate 5:2 Diet Recipe Book makes this lifestyle easier than ever, with recipes that make food on your Fast Days a pleasure. It's packed with easy, delicious dishes, from Great Start Breakfasts to International Favourites, Comfort Food, Super Soups, and even Sweet Treats. This down-to-earth guide by The 5:2 Diet Book author Kate Harrison mixes great recipes with all the humour, money-saving tips and practical advice that made the first book a bestseller. It also explains the science and incredible health benefits of this simple, inspiring approach. This cookbook focuses on fresh, delicious and fast home cooking, with meals that taste nothing like 'diet' food. It includes: • More than 85 recipes, all calorie counted, with dozens more ideas for adapting them to suit your life and budget; • 5:2 Lives: inspirational stories and honest food diaries from real dieters, who share the secrets of their success; • 5:2 Know-How: tips on everything from store cupboard suppers, time-saving gadgets and fitting 5:2 around family life and holidays; • How to 5:2: an updated, easy-to-follow guide to how, and why, you can begin this life-changing plan right now. The Ultimate 5:2 Diet Recipe Book is the only cookbook you'll ever need to help you lose weight, boost your brain and change your attitude to food forever.
The 5:2 diet changes lives, by making weight loss simple and sustainable. Now vegetarians, vegans - and anyone wanting to increase their intake of fresh, healthy produce - can see fantastic results with 5:2 Veggie and Vegan, the new plan from bestselling author Kate Harrison. Eating more veggie food is great news for our bodies, our wellbeing and the planet, and this book includes more than 80 simple and delicious fasting day recipes that make cutting down on meat and animal products a pleasure. Kate - a veggie for nearly three decades - offers advice on a healthy, balanced diet, along with inspiring stories from 5:2 dieters, and great meal plans, with dishes from all around the world. This complete guide includes: · How to start and maintain the 5:2 plan and achieve your weight loss and health goals. · Delicious and quick calorie-counted vegetarian and vegan recipes: from satisfying brunches, flavour-filled soups, and fresh salads, to lunchbox specials and dinners you'll want to share. · Easy to follow meal plans to make fast days stress-free. sustainable and exciting. Fuss-free, enjoyable, and packed full of the good stuff, these recipes make it easy to lose weight - for good.

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