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An in-depth, full-color, step-by-step guide to the new golf swing that has taken the PGA Tour by storm The traditional golf swing requires a level of coordination that few golfers have. So it's no surprise that, despite huge advances in club and ball technology, the average golf handicap in America has dropped by only one stroke since 1990. Maverick golf instructors Michael Bennett and Andy Plummer spent a decade researching the swing, eventually combining physiology and physics to create a method they dubbed the "Stack and Tilt." The result? Big-name pros like Mike Weir, Tommy Armour III, and Aaron Baddeley are already converts, and Bennett and Plummer are now two of the most soughtafter swing coaches in the game. Making these breakthroughs available to everyone, The Stack and Tilt Swing is a handsome, fully illustrated, complete course, packed with more than two hundred full-color photographs that make it easy for golfers at all levels to adopt this radical yet simple approach. Analyzing why the traditional swing won't work for most golfers, the authors explain the importance of keeping the upper body stacked over the lower body, while the spine tilts toward the target during the backswing, greatly reducing the inconsistencies created by the old-fashioned approach. Enhanced with practice routines, a troubleshooting list, test cases, and point-by-point assistance, this is the breakthrough guide to golf's hot new secret weapon.
After winning six of the twelve majors played from 2000 to 2002, Tiger Woods was struggling with his golf swing in 2003, leaving him out of the running at the US open and the PGA. As a consequence, 2003 saw four first-time major champions: Ben Curtis, Mike Weir, Jim Furyk and Shaun Micheel. After their respective upsets, the four players have had little success, however. Micheel and Curtis jumped from obscurity to stardom and subsequently overplayed all over the world. Neither has won another major, and Weir has only won one other major, in 2004. In Moment of Glory, John Feinstein returns to this unlikely year and chronicles the personal and professional struggles the four players have experienced since then. With his great affection for the underdog and extraordinary access, he gives readers an insider's look at how winning (and losing) major championships changes players' lives.
Golf is perhaps the most complicated simple game ever invented. Watching the professionals gives you only a glimpse of the complexity of what is happening, with each shot involving biomechanics, aerodynamics, ballistics, materials science, probability, even meteorology. Golf Science takes a timely new look at the game by investigating the scientific wonders that transfer the ball from tee to hole. Each chapter investigates a different area of the game and is organized around a series of Q&As. What is the optimum length for a driver? How does backspin work? The answers and the data are presented through illuminating info-graphics. The perfect way to analyse your own kit and technique, by studying the techniques of the professionals and the latest innovations in design and coaching. Golf Science is the ultimate accessory for any golfer wishing to understand their craft.
Lorne Rubenstein is the preeminent figure in the world of Canadian golf journalism and a member of the Canadian Golf Hall of Fame. He has been reporting on golf for more than thirty years, and this is a collection of Rubenstein’s best and favourite pieces from 1993 to 2008, selected from thousands of newspaper, magazine, and Internet articles. In this book, readers will revel in the wide range of subjects, including course design; swing techniques (such as the stack and tilt); famous people, such as Moe Norman, Jack Nicklaus, Marlene Streit, Payne Stewart, and Ben Hogan; writers, such as Stephen Leacock; and reflections on the beauty and joy of the game. Two separate chapters are devoted to our most important golf heroes: the Canadian champion Mike Weir and the indomitable Tiger Woods. Within these pages, golf enthusiasts of every age and skill level will find something new to delight them. This is as much a celebration of the sport as it is a celebration of one of our most esteemed and beloved golf writers. From the Hardcover edition.
Set in 2007, "the smart, funny, sexy novel about golf and golfers-and art and architecture, and business and economics, and science and psychology, and men and women, and skirts and skorts" follows three months in the life of Jeff Jones, who is crawling back from the depths. One year earlier, to his bewildered surprise, he had it all: a great job making up the preposterous back stories used to design and sell ski and golf resorts, membership at the esteemed Dunbar Gates and, best by far, the astonishing Sydney. But Jeff's world came crashing down when he discovered Syd naked in the hot tub with the VP Marketing and ill-advisedly turned his colleague's sport-ubiquity-vehicle into a fireball that lit up the night sky. Jobless and alone, he spends long days at his home instead of home, Big Bill's driving range, ultimately developing a radical new way to swing a golf club. The savvy Bill spots opportunity where others see only quivering jelly, and sets him up as an instructor. But then the June issue of Golf Digest arrives, with its sensational cover story on the Stack & Tilt swing, which seems identical to Jeff's. Better-unless it's worse-Jeff links up with the mysterious Jenny, just as Syd blasts back onto the scene. And who else should appear but the mother that Jeff has been trying to avoid, with news of the notorious father that he has never met. Will the reunion be manic I Love Lucy, or cringe-inducing Curb Your Enthusiasm? Or, in imagining a sit-com rather than the opening scene in a police procedural, is Jeff being uncharacteristically optimistic? Here's proof at last that golf is a sport. A contact sport. Originally published as Stack And Tilt, The Novel

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