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Through it all Olson detects and traces a common thread: a concern for salvation, God's redemptive activity in forgiving and transforming sinful human beings."--BOOK JACKET.
"This intellectual history, a story of people and their ideas, is a delight to read. I predict it will be widely used not only in colleges and seminaries but also in lay institutes and study groups"........John D. Godsey in The Christian Century
Based on Roger Olson's widely acclaimed The Story of Christian Theology,this concise and informative guide surveys events, teachings and challenges to the Christian faith from the second to the twenty-first centuries.
"The story of Christian theology has often been divisive and disjointed. Providing a companion volume to his earlier work The story of Christian theology, Roger Olson thematically traces out Christian belief down through the ages, revealing a pattern of both unity and diversity. He finds a consensus of teaching that is both unitive and able to incorporate a faithful diversity when not forced into the molds of false either-or alternatives. The mosaic that emerges from Olson's work displays a mediating evangelical theology that is nonspeculative and irenic in spirit and tone. Specifically written with the nonspecialist in mind, Olson has masterfully sketched out the contours of Christian faith with simplicity while avoiding oversimplification."--
This splendid introductory textbook for Christian theology presents two essays by leading scholars on each of the major theological questions. William Placher provides an excellent discussion of the history and current state of each doctrine while the essays explore the key elements and contemporary issues relating to these important theological concepts.
This clear and concise handbook on the historical development of Christian doctrine and theology will be brief concise and get to the "heart" of the important people and events that have shaped the history of the Church. This historical sketch will give you a snap shot of 2000 years exploring all of the leaders, events, and main churches that have emerged as a result of the ministry of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of His people. The book is 35 chapters long, however, the author has written a short version that is a little more than a 100 pages. An easy read in a couple of sittings. "The church has unfolded in many forms, and no one single external form stands alone as the CORRECT visible expression. As the church settled in various geographical areas and as it penetrated through a variety of cultures, it found expression in multifaceted forms. Thus, the insistence that the church must exist in a single form is a denial not only of the richness of creation, but also of the complexities of the human response." ― Robert Webber, Common Roots. "Church History is the record of God's gracious, wonderful and mighty deeds, showing how by his Spirit and Word he rules his Church and conquers the world." ― Nils Forsander, Life Pictures

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