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A humane scientist attempts to explore the most loathsome forces of evil behind the doors of his London laboratory
Includes "An Inland Voyage," chronicling a canoe journey from Belgium to France; the title piece, a humorous account of a mountain trek; and "Forest Notes," a meditation on the French countryside.
The latest research suggests that 33% of people lie deliberately to achieve employment. The costs of mis-hires are significant in terms of management time, selection and reselection costs and potential legal costs. There are 101 opportunities for applicants to economize with the truth, exaggerate or simply lie, both on their CV and at interview. They may be desperate in a competitive job market; they may think that exaggeration is an expected part of the process or they just rely on the fact that many employers still fail to make the most rudimentary of checks of what they are told. Max Eggert’s Deception in Selection will help you, the recruiter, to understand how and why candidates deceive. The book examines proven techniques and tactics to balance the interview game, to restore equity in the face of the clever approaches that sophisticated candidates bring to the interview. Although there is no foolproof way of identifying deception, you can, with practice, become amazingly accurate if there is a commitment to master the basics. The object of this book is to learn how to detect more effectively the fabrications that candidates present in selection situations that would have a direct adverse effect on their performance in the job. Reading it will encourage you to look at lying and truth telling in a new light and discover how pervasively lies and self-deception influence selection decisions. This is a must read guide from a best-selling business author for all those who participate in the selection process.
«Бом не слишком приятное место и замечателен только одним: почти все его обитатели в глубине души убеждены, будто умеют говорить по-английски, что, впрочем, фактами не подтверждается,» — так начинается книга путевых заметок шотландского писателя и поэта Роберта Луиса Стивенсона (1850—1894) из его путешествия по рекам Бельгии. Тонкий английский юмор, внимание к малейшим нюансам и тонкостям культуры и традиций — от бытовых до общественных — жителей бельгийских городов, ставят роман «Путешествие внутрь страны» в переводе Нины Дарузес в один ряд с такими шедеврами приключенческой литературы писателя, как «Остров сокровищ» или «Приключения принца Флоризеля».
Celebrated title story plus "Little Hut," "Mrs. Frola and Mr. Ponza, Her Son-in-Law," "Citrons from Sicily," "With Other Eyes," "A Voice," and 5 other tales from the 1934 Nobel Prize-winning author.
From the famed author of such popular adventure stories as Kidnapped and Treasure Island come these 3 horror stories: The Body Snatcher, The Bottle Imp, and The Merry Men.
Complete versions of Frankenstein and Mathilda plus an excerpt from The Last Man, the essay "On Ghosts," and short stories "Transformation," "The Dream," "The Mortal Immortal," "The False Rhyme," and "Roger Dodsworth: The Reanimated Englishman."

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