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The second of "Tales of the Crusaders," "The Talisman" is set in Palestine during the Third Crusade (1189 - 92). Scott constructs a story of chivalric action, apparently adopting a medieval romance view of the similarities in the values of both sides. But disguise is the leading theme of the tale: it is not just that characters frequently wear clothing that conceals their identity, but that professions and cultures hide their true nature. In this novel the Christian leaders are divided by a factious criminality, and are contrasted to the magnanimity and decisiveness of Saladin, the leader of the Moslem armies. In a period when the west was fascinated with the exotic east, Scott represents the Moslem other as more humane than the Christian west. "The Talisman" is one of Scott's great novels. It is a superb tale. It is also a bold departure as, for the first time, Scott explores not cultural conflict within a country or society but in the opposition of two world religions.
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King Richard I, of England, known as 'Lionheart', leads the Third Crusade to the Holy Land. A truce is declared between his forces and those of the Saracens under Saladin, just prior to the abandonment of the Crusade; and during this trucethe events of the present story take place. The "Talisman" itself is a pebble of wonderful healing powers carried by Saladin. Sir Kenneth, a Scottish Crusader, rides alone through the Dead Sea desert of Syria, when he is suddenly attacked by an Emir of the Saracens. The Scot is victorious and the two warriors declare a friendly truce. They ride together to the cave of Theodorick, a fanatic monkish recluse, who at first lays violent hands upon the Saracen, but finally receives them both hospitably. The Crusader is charged with a secret message to the hermit'from the Council of Princes; and while the Saracen sleeps, the knight and monk go to a neighboring chapel and witness a mass. Among the veiled worshippers is Lady Edith Plantagenet, whom the knight loves and under whose colors he has fought. She recognizes him by dropping a rosebud at his feet. The Saracen, who calls himself Ilderim, an Arabian physician, has heard that King Richard lies ill of a fever; and he thereupon states that he can heal the royal invalid ...

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