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Describes and interprets the Thoth tarot deck for insights into personal and spiritual development
Learn about tarot through hands-on experience! Ideal for use with all tarot decks, especially the Rider-Waite and Universal Waite decks.
The popular perception of the tarot is as a tool for fortune-telling, but this book introduces it as a vehicle for initiation, the true function of all mystery traditions. It involves readers in a process of personal transformation in which the tarot trumps are related to the tree of life to provide a classic initiatory structure. The keys to initiation are themselves presented through a series of integrated intellectual intuitive tasks, culminating in an extended meditation on the tarot trumps. The book also includes some private anecdotes which illustrate how the trumps come to life within the psyche.
Learn how to use the Tarot to discover truths about yourself. Work through a series of simple exercises to tune in to your intuitive powers and embark on an exciting journey of self-discovery and personal growth.
Renowned author Rachel Pollack has spent more than forty years studying and practicing Tarot. This insightful guide distills her vast knowledge and offers a direct, accessible approach to mastering the cards. This book will teach you the meanings of the cards and enable you to begin doing compelling readings right away. More seasoned readers will find that this basic reference has a richness and depth that will call you back again and again to discover your own truth within the cards. Find new descriptions and divinatory meanings with a modern twist Learn not only what each card signifies, but how to discover what it means to you Enhance your understanding of the cards with information about numbers, elements, astrology, and Kabbalah Try the unique spreads inspired by each Major Arcana card Understand Tarot's rich history, including Eden Gray's immense influence
Created especially for beginners, the Easy Tarot kit is the easiest way to learn to read Tarot cards. In the Easy Tarot Handbook, author Josephine Ellershaw shares tips, shortcuts, and time-saving techniques gained from more than thirty years of experience reading Tarot cards. Using the beautiful Gilded Tarot deck, you'll learn how the seventy-eight cards link to one another and provide insight as their unique energies merge in the Cross of Truth, the Celtic Cross, and other spreads. There is even a list of card combinations that commonly indicate specific events-such as pregnancy, a wedding, a new job, and more. Also included in the Easy Tarot Handbook: • A quick guide to card meanings • Sample readings, safeguards, and ethical guidelines • Tips on keeping a Tarot diary • Troubleshooting advice that addresses questions such as, "What if the cards don't seem to connect?"
This TAROT handbook Introduced 22 Major Arcana of "The City Light TAROT" deck in detail and some Spread Examples included. The images of "The City Light TAROT" deck make you very easy to understand Tarot. You can get the Tarot secret by self-study.

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