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We burnt our oil supplies up so fast that the era of cheap oil is over. Finally there is a widespread recognition for the need to move to a post-fossil fuel age. Yet promises of too cheap to meter nuclear, household power stations, the hydrogen economy, or abundant bio-based fuels, all remain dreams. Is there still hope that humanity can bring about a renewable energy revolution? Or will fossil fuels remain the driving force behind energy expansion and global politics? The Tesla Revolution will help to understand the future direction of our energy systems. In tracing rapid technological advances in batteries and solar technologies, energy flows in economies, geopolitical repercussions and the political decisions present and missing to bring an energy revolution ever closer. A picture emerges of a transition that in our lifespans will reshape economies, global power relations, and even affect day to day lives and values.
Tesla disrupts the automotive industry by creating many innovative pieces that fit together. Its marketing, production, sales and technology strategies are all notably different from its competitors. The Tesla Way is an elongated case study looking at Tesla's business model and how this can be applied to existing manufacturing and production strategies in other companies. The author also includes case studies from Michelin, Mass and other consumer goods manufacturing companies. The Tesla Way will look at the origins of Tesla, its journey to success, new business models and what will come next. The author includes a mixture of the theory behind the Tesla business model and its applications, examining the combination between the manufacturing world and the digital world. He draws from his expertise gathered from industry as well as working for Tesla. He has also interviewed a cross-section of Tesla's current employees in both the USA and France. At the end of each chapter an interview with a CEO or top manager of an industrial firm is featured: the reader can read, among others, the stories of Luxor Lighting, ThyssenKrupp, Bosch or Kimberley Clarke. There are also insightful questions for managers. Online supporting resources include sample templates for analysing efficiency of processes on the factory floor.
"Nikola Tesla on free energy & wireless transmission of power"--Cover.
Plus His Three Day Ship to Europe & His Scheme to Split the Earth. Reprinted from "The World Today Magazine".
The clash of cultures, coupled with rapid technological advances, seems to be pushing us in paradoxical directions. On the one hand, the world seems to be falling apart; while on the other, the world seems to be converging. Do we have thoughtful leaders to guide us through these uncertain times? As globalization breaks down barriers, global leaders are becoming more visible players on the world stage. From executives of multinational corporations (e.g., high-tech entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley) to social activists (e.g., Malala Yousafzai), individuals from many different cultural backgrounds and ages are reshaping the way we see global leadership. These global leaders have to contend with a variety of transnational contexts that call for different leadership styles. This book assesses four of these styles – transactional, participatory, transformational, and directive – with representative case studies for each. It provides practical skills that global leaders must master in order to be more effective at the transnational level – cultivating a global mindset; developing intercultural communication; leveraging diversity and inclusion; and managing intercultural conflict. Global Leadership is valuable reading for educators in undergraduate and graduate leadership programs; practitioners involved in global for-profit and nonprofit organizations; and leadership educators interested in exploring the impact of technology on global leadership. It provides an excellent balance between the study and practice of global leadership.
The Tesla Conspiracy is a fictional mystery thriller in which three brilliant individuals each work to unravel scientific and historical mysteries relating to probably the most influential and prolific inventor who ever lived: Nikola Tesla. Initially complete strangers, they eventually meet each other, combine their intellectual abilities, and band together as it becomes increasingly obvious that dark forces are determined to stop them at all costs. In 1931, genius inventor Nikola Tesla modified a Pierce Arrow automobile to run on energy extracted from thin air. He test drove it over a week at speeds up to 90 m.p.h. in daytime and nighttime and demonstrated it for the press, but took the secret of how it worked with him to the grave. Electrical engineering graduate student Kathy Olson thinks she can figure out how Tesla's car worked and duplicate his results in modern times. Can existing multi-billion dollar industries afford to allow her to succeed or to reveal the truth to the public? History graduate student Julie Lozano is shocked that American history textbooks fail to mention Nikola Tesla's name and still list Marconi as the radio's inventor, despite the fact that the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that Tesla was the true inventor. Why is the truth concealed? Weapons designer Benjamin Grazer has developed a frequency interrupter weapon based upon Tesla's discovery that all things vibrate and conflicting vibrations can destroy the object. Will this holy grail of weapons fall into the wrong hands?
The booklet contains the following articles: Tesla - A Great Inventor; Proceedings of the Radio Club of America, Inc. - Vol. 45, No. 2; Who Was Tesla?; Nikola Tesla, World's Greatest Engineer by Cmdr. E. J. Quinby, USN plus much other information.

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