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.0000000000John Buchan wrote The Thirty-Nine Steps at the beginning of the First World War. In it he introduces his most famous hero, Richard Hannay, who, despite claiming to be an 'ordinary fellow', is caught up in the dramatic race against a plot to devastate the British war effort. Hannay is hunted across the Scottish moors by police and spy-ring alike, and must outwit his intelligent and pitiless enemy in the corridors of Whitehall and, finally, at the site of the mysterious thirty-nine steps. The best-known of Buchan's thrillers, The Thirty-Nine Steps has been continuously in print since first publication and has been filmed three times, most notably by Alfred Hitchcock in 1935.With an Afterword by David Stuart Davies.
The original and best adventure story ever told, with spies, thrilling chase scenes and explosions.With an Introduction by Stella Rimington. May 1914. Britain is on the eve of war with Germany. Richard Hannay is living a quiet life in London, but after a chance encounter with a mysterious stranger he stumbles into a hair-raising adventure -- a desperate hunt across the country and against the clock, pursued by the police and a cunning, ruthless enemy. Hannay's life and the security of Britain are in grave peril, and everything rests on the solution to a baffling enigma: what are the thirty-nine steps?
Mix a Hitchcock masterpiece with a juicy spy novel, add a dash of Monty Python and you have The 39 Steps, a fast-paced whodunit for anyone who loves the magic of theatre! This 2-time Tony® and Drama Desk Award-winning treat is packed with nonstop laughs, over 150 zany characters (played by a ridiculously talented cast of 4), an on-stage plane crash, handcuffs, missing fingers and some good old-fashioned romance!
Differentiated book- It has a historical context with research of the time-The Thirty-Nine Steps is an adventure novel by Scottish author John Buchan. It first appeared as a series in Blackwood Magazine in August and September 1915 before being published in book form in October of that year by William Blackwood and Sons, Edinburgh. It is the first of five novels featuring Richard Hannay, an action hero with a stiff upper lip and a miraculous ability to get out of difficult situations. The novel formed the basis for a series of successful adaptations, including various film versions and a long-running play. In 2003, the book was included in the BBC's The Big Read survey of the UK's "most beloved novels". John Buchan wrote The Thirty-Nine Steps while ill in bed with a duodenal ulcer, a disease that stayed with him all his life.Buchan's son William later wrote that the name of the book originated when the author's daughter counted the stairs at St Cuby, a private nursing home on the Cliff Promenade in Broadstairs, where Buchan was convalescing. "There was a wooden staircase leading to the beach. My sister, who was about six years old and had just learned to count correctly, came down and happily announced: There are 39 steps."
John Buchan's name is known across the world for The Thirty-Nine Steps. In the past one hundred years the classic thriller has never been out of print and has inspired numerous adaptations for film, television, radio and stage, beginning with the celebrated version by Alfred Hitchcock. Yet there was vastly more to 'JB'. He wrote more than a hundred books – fiction and non-fiction – and a thousand articles for newspapers and magazines. He was a scholar, antiquarian, barrister, colonial administrator, journal editor, literary critic, publisher, war correspondent, director of wartime propaganda, member of parliament and imperial proconsul – given a state funeral when he died, a deeply admired and loved Governor-General of Canada. His teenage years in Glasgow's Gorbals, where his father was the Free Church minister, contributed to his ease with shepherds and ambassadors, fur-trappers and prime ministers. His improbable marriage to a member of the aristocratic Grosvenor family means that this account of his life contains, at its heart, an enduring love story. Ursula Buchan, his granddaughter, has drawn on recently discovered family documents to write this comprehensive and illuminating biography. With perception, style, wit and a penetratingly clear eye, she brings vividly to life this remarkable man and his times.
The book is completely Redesigned and grammer free which holds immense appeal for readers of all ages, especially those who enjoy tales involving plots and counter plots!The typical action hero with a stiff upper lip whose actions speak louder than his words, a mysterious American who lives in dread of being killed, an anarchist plot to destabilize Greece, a deadly German spy network, a notebook entirely written in code, and all this set in the weeks preceding the outbreak of World War I. The Thirty-nine Steps, by John Buchan is a spy classic entirely worthy of its genre and will delight modern day readers with its complicated plot. It is also notable for being the literary progenitor of the spook novel that typically features the secret operative on the run, determined to unravel a world domination plot.John Buchan, the author, was a Scottish writer and historian who also had an illustrious career as the Governor General of Canada in 1935. Born in Perth, Scotland, he developed an early love of nature which features prominently in his writings. He won several prizes at Oxford for his essays and poetry and embarked on a diplomatic career. He served in South Africa and on his return to London, became the editor of a prominent newspaper. He wrote his first novel, an adventure tale, in 1910, worked on creating war propaganda for Britain during World War I. While recovering from a bout of illness connected with his chronic duodenal ulcer problem, Buchan wrote The Thirty-nine Steps, the first of a series featuring the intrepid Richard Hannay.

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