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Libby Marchant's first meeting with her boss goes off with a bang—into Rafael Alejandro's top-of-the-range sports car, unfortunately! The unpredictable and alluring Libby throws Rafael completely off-kilter but, luckily, as she's his employee, he'll be able to keep her at arm's length. At least that's the plan, because in the perfectly oiled machine that is Rafael's life there's no room for distractions. But soon Rafael's no-office-relationships policy is in imminent danger of being broken—by the boss himself!
One scorching night, one secret never to be told… Angel Urquart didn't sign up for this. A photo shoot on an island paradise? Yes. Working alongside Alex Arlov? Definitely not! Six years ago he showed her passion she'd only ever dreamed of, but after his behavior the following morning, she resolved to put him out of her head forever. Seeing Angel brings all sorts of memories flooding back to Alex—memories that stir up a forgotten hunger. Alex sees no reason why they can't indulge in one more blazing night together, but Angel has a secret that will turn their lives upside down….
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Thetruth behind the scandal… Santiago Silva is appalled to discover that his feckless half-brother's latest love interest is infamous femme fatale Lucy Fitzgerald—who clearly thinks the Silva fortune is an easy target! Simmering with fury, the formidable Santiago steps in to show her just how wrong she is. Santiago is well accustomed to resisting dangerous attraction, but Lucy's alluring naivet shocks him. The safest place for a woman with so devastating a beauty is clear—with him! After all, without a heart to break, he's the only man who can take her on without losing himself… "What dreams are made of."—Lucy, 39, Executive PA
Who’s been sleeping in my bed?
The playboy prince’s convenient bride
For almost two centuries, Americans have relied upon political conventions to provide the nation with new leadership. The modern convention, a four-day, carefully choreographed, prime-time television event designed to portray the party and its candidate in the most favorable light, continues many of the traditions and rules developed during the first conventions in the mid–19th century. This study analyzes the birth of the convention process in the 1830s and follows its development over 40 years, chronicling each of the presidential elections between 1832 and 1872, the leading candidates, and an analysis of the key issues, and memorable speeches and events on the convention floor. Other topics include back-room deal making, “dark horse” candidacies, meeting halls, parades, rallies, and other accompanying hoopla. This volume reveals the origins of a quintessentially American spectacle and sheds new light on an understudied aspect of the nation's political past.

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