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The acclaimed English translation of this masterpiece of world literature - prepared with the participation of the Dalai Lama One of the greatest works created by any culture and one of the most influential of all Tibetan Buddhist texts in the West, The Tibetan Book of the Dead has had a number of distinguished translations, but strangely all of these have been partial abridgements. Now the entire text has not only been made available in English but in a translation of quite remarkable clarity and beauty. A comprehensive guide to living and dying, The Tibetan Book of the Dead contains exquisitely written guidance and practices related to transforming our experience in daily life, on the processes of dying and the after-death state, and on how to help those who are dying. As originally intended this is as much a work for the living, as it is for those who wish to think beyond a mere conventional lifetime to a vastly greater and grander cycle. 'Extraordinary ... this work will be a source of inspiration and support to many' His Holiness the Dalai Lama
What is death? How can I help those who are dying? How can I prepare for my own death? And how can I come to terms with bereavement? Here is an accessible and moving introduction to The Tibetan Book of the Dead, whose visionary perspective on living, dying, and loss is one of the most inspirational and compelling in world literature. With an introductory commentary by His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Meditations on Living, Dying, and Loss is a compilation of writings from the first complete translation of The Tibetan Book of the Dead, which explores these central questions. Each chapter is introduced by the editor of the acclaimed first translation, Graham Coleman. Based on his experience of bereavement and his knowledge of contemporary near death research, he reveals the immense creativity that deepening our insight into the relationship between living and dying can bring.
A distillation of the classic Tibetan Book of the Dead collects English-language translations of its most eloquent passages on the topics of death, dying and bereavement, in an updated edition that features essays on how modern readers can understand ancient-world perspectives.
Buddhist teachings provide numerous methods for bringing greater meaning and happiness into our lives and into our relationships with others. In A Complete Guide to the Buddhist Path, Khenchen Konchog Gyaltshen Rinpoche reveals these methods in direct, vibrant, down-to-earth language. At the core of this work lies The Jewel Treasury of Advice, a text composed by Drikung Bhande Dharmaradza (1704–1754), the reincarnation of Drikung Dharmakirti. Khenchen Rinpoche interprets these ancient teachings with compassion, humor, and a keen awareness for their relevance in contemporary Western life. Those who sincerely want to study and practice the Buddha's teachings will find this an indispensable guide.
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In the latter half of the 1950s a series of unusual events that started with a UFO encounter, continued with a near-death experience, and ended with unusual transformations of consciousness started me on a journey to Tibetan Buddhism. Several decades passed before I began to suspect that the Tibetan legend of Shambhala might tie these disparate events together. This book is the result.
The author goes in search of four of the most famous myths in the world--Shangri-la, Jason and the Golden Fleece, the Queen of Sheba, and the Holy Grail--journeying to some of the most remote regions on Earth, including Western Tibet, the mountains of Geo

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