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The Catholic Church may be the most controversial institution in the world. Whether the question is the uniqueness of Jesus Christ, the relationship of Catholicism to other religious communities, the meaning of freedom, the use and abuse of sex, the dignity of human life from conception until natural death, or the role of women, the Catholic Church has taken challenging positions that some find inexplicable, even cruel.In The Truth of Catholicism, George Weigel, author of Witness to Hope: The Biography of Pope John Paul II, explores these perennial questions and more, showing Catholicism and its controversies from inside the convictions that make those controversies not only possible but necessary. The truths of Catholicism then come into clearer focus as affirmations and celebrations of human life and human love, even as they challenge us to imagine a daring future for humanity and for ourselves.
The Call of Yahweh is a compendium of most debated topicsabout catholic doctrine that gives quick answers to questions related to its practice. Rapture, Eucharist, Confession and other points in question are exposed in this book to bring a better understandingof the catholic dogma.
Catholic popes and Vatican councils have pronounced many teachings which, they say, are necessary to believe, such as: It is necessary for salvation to submit to the Roman Pontiff. Christians must keep the law and do good works to be saved. Anyone who says they are certain they are saved and going to heaven is anathema (cursed, damned as a heretic). Mary was immaculately conceived, remained a virgin her whole life, never sinned, was taken up body and soul into heaven, and exalted as the “Queen of Heaven.” Only priests can forgive sins after one confesses to them. Christians must purge some of their sins in Purgatory. Some people in non-Christian religions will be saved. But are these, and many other Catholic dogmas, biblical? The Truth About Roman Catholicism examines several key doctrines of the Catholic Church (as stated in the official Catechism of the Catholic Church) in light of the Bible. The reader will be shown the difference between the gospel of Christ and the gospel of Rome, and the crucial choice that must be made to obtain eternal life.
A theology of conscience in light of the problems of contemporary Catholic moral theology, appropriate for use in college courses or adult discussion groups.
This collection of testimonies by people who've found new life in the Catholic Church gives readers an arsenal of arguments that prove the truth of the Catholic Faith. Stories of changed lives come from a graduate of the virulently anti-Catholic Bob Jones University, an Anglican priest, a former commissioner of baseball, and more.
Gives Roman Catholics a profound understanding of the Orthodox Chruch. Also provides insights as to the reasons the two churches are not in commuion with one another.
For some time, it has lingered restive, waiting to waken as if from a dormant state, an irresistible and fundamental basis of inquiry from which certain questions had formed as to whether there were true spiritual blessings bestowed on the whole of the Reformation movement, and which extended to all its leaders and the revolting rabble, and also, whether it was the right or even the best action to take, and also, whether the virtuous means and the unwitting results, were all that pleasing to God? These questions seem to beg for reasonable and truthful answers. And along with these questions there is an unequivical assumption that the Reformation and the Protestant Revolt occurred primarily for the benefit of the Catholic Church. This book lays out the reasons in what-if perspectives and proves that Protestantism is truly a false religion, while stipulating that some of its members, like most Catholics are all truly Christian children of the God of Israel. The book also details the reasons why all non-Christian religions are doomed from the beginning as was the Reformation and the Protestant Revolt.

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