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Contends that UFOs are easily explainable meteorological and optical phenomena and explains each of the most publicized sightings between 1963 and 1975
Thousands of well-documented reports of strange and baffling events, without known causes, grouped under the amorphous heading UFOs, are sufficient, in the authors' view, to suggest that they merit serious scientific study. It is their opinion that a scientific study, seriously undertaken, would reveal cause-effect relationship for some, possibly all, of the phenomena that constitute the UFO enigma. The accumulated evidence for the UFO enigma consists of reports from many parts of the world. These reports contain at least nineteen categories of human experiences ranging from simple observations of strange lights to accounts of abductions by strange, unknown beings. Most reports are from ordinary persons unable to identify a natural cause for what they have observed or experienced. Many of these are sufficiently well-documented to form the basis for scientific studies. The core of the UFO enigma is found in the thousands of challenging reports from highly intelligent, knowledgeable persons with sufficient scientific expertise and experience to enable them to make clear distinctions between events with and without known causes. These latter reports form the basis of this book's assertion that the UFO enigma can, and should be studied scientifically. This book is the authors' attempt to provide an overview of the UFO enigma as a scientific problem and to suggest sources of information and methods for attempting to solve it.
Most reports of UFOs are cases of error or merely hoaxes. However a certain percentage defy all rational explanation. This study examines a number of cases that have been well documented and corroborated, yet remain unexplained.
Book Description: Can the technology behind the UFO phenomenon now be explained by modern physics and by a close examination of the more credible UFO reports? Yes according to the new book "Solving the UFO Enigma: How Modern Physics is Revealing the Technology of UFOs" by Robert L. Schroeder. The idea that a subset of all UFO reports represent advanced craft of extraterrestrial origin has been around for a long time. But only recently has the science of physics developed theories which, when correlated with selected UFO data, point directly toward a likely explanation of this alien technology.Modern physics in its attempt to unify the fundamental forces of nature in a "Theory of Everything" has proposed theories that require the existence of up to eleven space-time dimensions and the possibility of entire universes existing side by side with our own. The author not only shows how physics has evolved to this point but he also looks at the unanswered questions of modern physics such as the origin of inertia, the mystery of quantum non-locality, the Higgs or "God" particle and the puzzle of the relative weakness of gravity.It is these unanswered questions, along with certain conjectures and pertinent UFO characteristics, that when incorporated with the latest cutting edge physics theories look to be the final keys to explaining UFO technology. The book does contain some of the math of the most important historical physics theories. Although the math isn't essential to understanding the basic theme of the book it is there for those who would like an even more in depth knowledge of modern physics.This proposed solution to UFO technology is based on some remarkable and rather exotic physics theories that are currently being tested at the Large Hadron Collider particle accelerator in Geneva, Switzerland. Should these theories prove correct then there is a real possibility that UFO technology is within the reach of our earth civilization. Its development on our planet would open up whole new worlds, both literally and figuratively, to be discovered and explored.About the Author:Robert Schroeder recently retired after 26 years with a major computer company where he was involved in operations and product management. His educational background includes a BA in mathematics, an MBA and an associate's degree in aerospace engineering. He has closely followed developments in modern physics over the years and has researched the UFO phenomenon since the 1960's.Early Reviews of book: "I recommend this book to all readers who are; 1) Scientific adventurers, 2) Technical detectives and 3) Curious thinkers. This book is a classic on UFOs." - Milo Wolff, Ph.D. Dr. Wolff is a retired professor of physics and has worked for MIT, NASA and the United Nations. "As science grapples to understand concepts such as dark matter and hidden dimensions....Robert Schroeder takes the reader on a thrilling voyage of discovery where exotic physics might finally help us solve one of the greatest and most profound mysteries of our time." - Nick Pope is the former head of the British Ministry of Defense unit responsible for investigating UFO reports in the United Kingdom. He served in this position from 1991 to 1994.
UFO research in the twentieth century was a daunting enterprise, fraught with misidentifications, blurry photos, and fraud. Now, with millions of drones in our skies and superb computer graphics, the twenty-first century threatens to overwhelm ufology with insurmountable trickery and truly unidentifiable flying objects. How do we make sense of UFOs? Could a lifetime of paranormal activity be real, or is it all in your mind? Are the craft that appear in the skies really flying saucers? Have we all been abducted? And what secrets have been hidden from us? Discover new challenges to ufology and whether we will ever uncover the truth behind the UFO enigma.
The Alien Enigma is a non-fiction book which closely examines evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial life on this planet. J P Robinson weaves together a wealth of astounding and suppressed material in this comprehensive work covering the many complex subjects associated with alien activity. In this intricate and expansive overview of the ET scenario here on Earth, Robinson exposes the government conspiracy to conceal essential information from the public regarding the alien presence and the already well established diplomatic relationship between them and us. Each chapter of The Alien Enigma offers a great insight into separate topics connected with the alien hypothesis, such as UFOs, abductions, crop circles, contactees, cattle mutilations and more. The chapter 'Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind' delves exclusively into the macabre world beneath our feet in the deep underground military bases (DUMBs), with particular focus on the sinister Dulce base in New Mexico. Explosives expert and whistle-blower Phil Schneider put his life on the line to inform the public of the great injustices taking place incognito below the ground. Much of his expertise is shared here, vital information which will become lost to future generations since Schneider's murder. Another chapter 'Space Secrecy' deals with NASA's dubious origins and associations with former Nazis whose gruesome past was secretly expunged from the records as they were brought to the US through Operation Paperclip at the end of WWII. NASA's penchant for secrecy continues to the present day, and Robinson reveals how this elite group of scientists have succeeded in covering up the fact that our nearest celestial neighbour, the Moon, is not a natural object but rather an artificial satellite which rings like a bell when struck during seismic testing. Such an incredible discovery if proven correct has massive implications for humankind, as author's Knight & Butler queried, who built the Moon? How and why? The space chapter also reveals what Neil Armstrong really saw when he arrived on the Moon (yes, further research would suggest that we did really go to the Moon, but the footage was faked, not the actual trip in its entirety). Other previously hidden information from the Apollo missions and even STS missions in orbit are exposed here also. The author briefly covers the well documented Roswell incident from 1947 but only as a precursor to the completely unknown facts regarding several other UFO crashes which took place in New Mexico between 1945 and 1948, and Robinson connects the whole UFO phenomenon to the introduction of the Atom bomb. Other chapters include the fascinating testimonies of two very different men; 1) microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch and his personal experiences with a live extraterrestrial during his time working at S-4 at the infamous Area 51 and 2) Swiss farmer Eduard 'Billy' Meier - the most famous alien contactee story ever told and the evidence which he presents to prove his authenticity. A final chapter looks at the world of remote-viewing as a means to garner otherwise impossible to acquire data concerning alien races. Ingo Swann and Courtney Brown both feature heavily here, and Brown's Mars viewing sessions are included. For anyone new to the UFO phenomenon and all of its associations, this book will be a complete eye-opener! For those more seasoned researchers out there, there still remains plenty of food for thought on offer here, and all the information revealed by the author is done so in a matter-of-fact non-speculative manner. Where possible, all sources are referenced and further personal research is encouraged by the author. Robinson finishes his introduction by saying: "In order to understand more it is imperative that we improve our knowledge before choosing which side of the fence we feel compelled to belong, so enjoy your read and always bear in mind that facts really can be stranger than fiction."
The UFO Bible, Volume 1, is about everything you want to know about UFOs, and the background about them. Everything from organizations who deal with UFOs, Alien races, terminology, theories, conspiracies, what does religion tell us about UFOs, facts, than and now, UFO Design, plus so much more in this first volume of the UFO Bible!
The characters in this book find their own solution to the US Government's continued denial of UFO sightings.
Patterned after the first volume published in 1964, The UFO Evidence, Volume II is much anticipated by the research community. The book reports 30 years of UFO sightings since 1964 with related data and descriptive features organized by category. Among the topics discussed are the now strongly established patterns of UFO sightings, the growing evidence worldwide that UFOs represent someone's technology, the history of government sponsored UFO investigations, and political and human responses to UFO sightings. The master chronology is an incredibly complete listing, which also refers the reader to pertinent sections in the book for fuller descriptions.
This book is a groundbreaking contribution to the study of the UFO enigma, originally published over 30 years ago. In this book, Sanderson, a renowned zoologist with a keen interest in the paranormal, puts forward the curious theory that âeoeOINTS"-Other Intelligences-live under the Earthâe(tm)s oceans. This underwater, parallel, civilization may be twice as old as Homo sapiens, he proposes, and may have âeoedeveloped what we call space flight." Sanderson postulates that the OINTS are behind many UFO sightings as well as the mysterious disappearances of aircraft and ships in the Bermuda Triangle. What better place to have an impenetrable base than deep within the oceans of the planet? Yet, if UFOs, or at least some of them, are coming from beneath our oceans or lakes, does it necessarily mean that there is another civilization besides our own that is responsible? In fact, could it be that since WWII a number of underwater UFO bases have been constructed by the very human governments of our planet? Whatever their source, Sanderson offers here an exhaustive study of USOs (Unidentified Submarine Objects) observed in nearly every part of the world. He presents many well-documented and exciting case studies of these unusual sightings; more.
A comprehensive sourcebook on all things extraterrestrial features more than five thousand entries, photographs, and diagrams that cover such topics as alien abduction, evidence of extraterrestrial presence on Earth, astral projection and teleportation, psychokinesis, time travel, cloning and the Raelians, UFO cults, and more. Original.
The Bolt Cluster is an area of close-knit stars that harbors a curious planet and deadly secret. Starships which enter the cluster never return. An alien enigma there has cost Wannstead Industries so many lives and ships that they finally decide to turn it over to the US Space Navy and its futuristic contingent of roughneck Marines. Captain Keane leads mankind's most lethal spaceship into unknown alien territory, fighting battles against a bizarre alien species that will never surrender. Keane and the crew of Doc Travis are now involved in mankind's first interstellar war, where the very existence of humanity may be at stake. The Bolt Cluster enigma must not only be solved but Keane and the Doc Travis also have to survive and return to Earth. Humanity must be warned of the threat or all the lives and ships lost so far will be in vain.
The first in-depth, authoritative look at the flying saucer phenomenon and still considered to be one of the best ever written. Extremely well researched work with facts that were documented. A retired Marine Corps Major, Keyhoe came to the conclusion that UFOs originate from outer space and the U.S. military was engaged in a cover-up.
The New Science of the UFO now completes author and researcher Kenneth W. Behrendt’s groundbreaking trilogy on the subject of UFOs. It contains a complete scan of all 24 issues of a previously out of print, privately published, typescript UFO research journal titled “Annals of Ufological Research Advances” or “AURA”, for short, which was the basis for his first two volumes, Secrets of UFO Technology and The How and Why of UFOs. Practically every conceivable facet of the UFO enigma was explored in the pages of AURA at a level of scientific detail that was unprecedented in the field of ufology. Those able to obtain some of the limited number of copies of each issue available to the public learned all about such exotic topics as: the sources of the mysterious glows that envelope nocturnal UFOs; why some malfunctioning UFOs must eject liquid metals in order to correct their propulsion system problems; how alien crews tap our earthly electrical power grids to recharge their scout craft; the nature of the mysterious “angel hair” and “devil jelly” residues left by hovering craft; how alien paralysis weapons are used for their personal defense and how crews protect their mother ships from attack; how alien telepathy works; how the living space creatures known as “zeroids” can biologically duplicate UFO capabilities; and much, much more! The material in AURA was intended for the most serious of ufologists seeking ultimate and satisfying answers to the mysteries that they were exploring. Now for the first time in almost two decades, these answers are again available for a new generation of researchers.
Following its publication in the UK in 1995, this book by Manfred Cassirer, writer and psychical researcher, has had a big impact on scientists and those who follow UFO phenomena. In this book the author investigates whether space visitors actually exist and if they are really able to visit earth and communicate with us. This book is a significant and major contribution to the study of unexplained phenomena by a highly respected scientist and writer. The author believes that there are many aspects of the UFO enigma that can not be satisfactorily explained by current scientific theory.

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