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For millennia, war was viewed as a supreme test. In the period 1750-1850 war became much more than a test: it became a secular revelation. This new understanding of war as revelation completely transformed Western war culture, revolutionizing politics, the personal experience of war, the status of common soldiers, and the tenets of military theory.
This book is orchestrated from start to finish by Jesus/Yeshua/Sananda. He brings forth sixteen Presenters, each of whom addresses issues relevant to humanity today. Saul of Tarsus refutes much that has been written about him. He supports the equality of women. Serapis Bey speaks about forgiveness, which even Yeshua had to learn. Babaji taught Yeshua how to control his emotional body. Mary Magdalene and Mariam, his adopted cousin-sister, describe how they helped stabilize Yeshua when humanity's thoughts raged through him. Mother Mary and Joseph speak of raising Yeshua. God cautions us to watch our judgments. Sananda, Ashtar, Surea of Sirius tell of the many spaceships monitoring the world. Sanat Kumara tells of Earth changes. This book carries on from where Book FOUR left off with the Realities of the Crucifixion. The Masters emphasize the importance of releasing our belief structures. Do you want your Truth built upon someone else's lies? The main message is to change your beliefs, so that your soul and the Earth can evolve. Abraham, Helios and Vesta from the Fourth Sun close the chapters. This book will change your belief structures forever.
BOOKS 1, 2, & 3 REVISITED is a compilation of the first three books in THE ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE series which were never published. Jesus brings forth 11 Presenters who give the readers poignant Teachings on a variety of subjects from marriage and divorce, to sex, to reflections on the Papacy... There are 75 stories, Teachings, plus the Closing Statements, which hold a plethora of information for readers. Jesus the Christ is the orchestrator, as well as the narrator of these amazing books, as He tells the facts and fiction of His own life.
"Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience" was inspired by "The Jimi Hendrix Exhibition," the global photographic exhibition currently touring this planet, an Exhibit-A production."--Page 23.
This is a teaching story in which the author relates some of the personal development she experienced through her encounters with Sai Baba over a period of ten years. She also delves into some of the everyday things you wonder about when visiting India for the first time.
A chronological story of the life of Jimi Hendrix using quotes, original interviews, and 32 pages of color photographs, Jimi Hendrix: The Ultimate Experience takes readers from his childhood to his first Top 10 hit, "Hey Joe," to the chart-topping double album Electric Ladyland to his final public appearance at Ronnie Scott's in London. Using all-new interviews plus quotes collected from newspapers, magazines, books, television and radio documentaries, and Internet sites, Johnny Black has woven the testimony of those who were there into a complete exploration of Hendrix's extraordinary life. With over 100 color and black-and-white photographs and the words of those who watched Jimi Hendrix's life unfold - Pete Townshend, Paul McCartney, David Crosby, and Eric Clapton among them - Black has created a genuine eyewitness account that captures the chaos and excitement of Hendrix's career.
Readers will discover that true beauty is not based on external adornments--it's really all about what goes on inside a woman. Jaynes shares how the ultimate makeover is something full of promise and possibilities. A Bible study in the back of the book is the perfect finishing touch for personal or group use.
Happy relationships is the stuff not only of dreams but also of real life. In the provocative new model of relationship set forth in "Soul-Hearted Partnership", long-time counsellor Debra L Reble, Ph.D., shows how dreams of amazing relationships come true when individuals cultivate first a soul partnership with themselves and then a soul-hearted partnership with a loved one. Unwilling to continue living in passive coexistence by sacrificing their soul's expression or by looking for a partner to complete or guide them, men and women of all ages and circumstances, Dr Reble reports, are manifesting their dreams of a fulfilling life and, in the process, partnerships that foster their spiritual growth. Partnership as a vehicle for spiritual development is an idea whose time has come. This book lays the groundwork by presenting a series of spiritual principles for integrating body, heart, spirit, and soul internally and intertwining the combined energies with those of a loved one. Strategies are offered to keep the flow of the joined energies, rooted as they are in a shared energy source, expanding until it permeates all aspects of their lives as individuals and a couple. As such, this landmark guide takes soul mate to a new level. While relationship with a soul mate offers the potential for a deeply felt spiritual connection, soul-hearted partnership channels this energy into an everyday experience on earth. Readers will benefit not only from the cultivation of extraordinary relationships with friends as well as a beloved partner but also from this book's innovative approaches to jealousy, fear, old grievances, vulnerability, expressing soul potential, and co-creating with spirit while simultaneously deepening intimacy with a loved one. Tips are included on everything from balancing masculine and feminine energies to energetic love-making. Each chapter concludes with practical exercises designed to help spark the fullest expression of energetically charged love, passion, and intimacy.
Mr Jenkins is attending another board meeting in Troppiclough Tower, as he would do any other day. But when the boss, Mr Parrimeere, tells of the overall "order" of things in the city not being to his satisfaction, Mr Jenkins shows him up as the violent antagonist he really is. Then, in the blink of an eye, Mr Jenkins steals the role of board leader. Mr Parrimeere and his three deputies are abusive business titans known only by the rest of the human race as the Ego-Corp. They own absolutely every industry on the planet, and they've managed to oppress humanity with their planet-sapping greed so thoroughly that most of the humans have been forced to start a new life off-world, all before the start of the third millennium. But the remaining Earthlings are still enduring the oppressed world, and these humans are close to extinction. So, with the Troppiclough board at his mercy, Mr Jenkins will fight the Ego-Corp to restore order.
Issues for 1894-1903 include the section: Psychological literature.
The members of BTS are global icons acclaimed for their record-smashing, barrier-breaking, trendsetting dance-pop and hip-hop, as well as their personal philosophies. BTS: The Ultimate Fan Book is the first celebration of this phenomenon from Korea, exploring in detail the group's origins, members, and extraordinary rise to success. Beautiful photographs highlight coverage of the group's kaleidoscope of personalities and passions that have made them more than just musical icons.
List of members issued with v. 35-46 with separate paging.
This professional book introduces marketing and luxury brand professionals to a new definition of luxury and the art of designing the ultimate luxury experience in both the physical space (e.g., in-store, hotel, restaurant) and the digital space (e.g., social media, website, e-commerce). Specifically, it offers an overview of customer experience issues and explores big five experiential strategies that can be applied by luxury houses in order to provide the best luxury experience to their customers. Themes such as quality of customer luxury experience, immersion and co-production/co-creation in luxury, creation and management, digital and immersive marketing, and innovative market research are also examined. How do consumers define luxury? Is there one luxury or several “luxuries”? What kind of luxury experiences consumers want to live? How can luxury houses design the ultimate luxury experience? More than in any other sector, luxury consumption is a response to a search for emotions, pleasure, uniqueness, consideration and greatest services. The luxury consumer wants to live luxury experiences – not just buy luxury products or services. In this way, this book presents the luxury consumption experience as a combination of symbolic meaning, subconscious processes and nonverbal cues and characterized by fantasies, feelings and fun. Featuring case studies and interviews from international luxury sectors and brand managers such as Burberry, Dior, Porsche, Breitling, St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, and Louis Vuitton, among others, this book offers both a research and management perspective on luxury experience to professionals in the luxury sector (e.g., CEOs, brand managers, marketing and communication professionals), as well as marketing professors, students, and people eager to learn more about how to design the ultimate luxury experience. Praise for The New Luxury Experience “This book provides a holistic perspective on marketing of luxury brands, offering both useful practical advice as well as illustrating important cases.” -- Ravi Dhar, Director, Yale Center for Customer Insights, Yale University “Wided Batat’s book offers a fresh, insightful and comprehensive analysis of the concept of the consumer’s experience with luxury whatever that may be. The Five experiential luxury strategies proposed by Wided highlight that luxury management should go above and beyond the design and branding of luxury goods and services. I also commend the consideration given to the younger generations’ approach to luxury and to corporate social responsibility aspects. Luxury marketers should find this book very useful indeed.” -- Francesca Dall’Olmo Riley, Professor of Brand Management, Kingston Business School, UK
On an 11th century Mahayana Buddhist teacher; lectures delivered in February 1975.

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