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Covering the latest breaking news in Google AdWords, the fifth edition introduces revised, expanded and new chapters covering Enhanced Campaigns, Google AdWord’s Express, Google’s Product Listing Ads, and the introduction to Google’s Universal Analytics. Nuances in Big Data advertising are also revealed and expanded sections and necessary updates have been added throughout. Updates specific to this edition include: Powerful bidding strategies using remarketing lists for search ads New ad extension features Automation capabilities using AdWords scripts Bonus Online Content that includes links to dozens of resources and tutorials covering: registering a domain name, setting up a website, selecting an email service, choosing a shopping cart service, finding products to sell, and starting up an Google AdWords account Readers are given the latest information paired with current screenshots, fresh examples, and new techniques. Coached by AdWords experts Perry Marshall, Mike Rhodes, and Bryan Todd advertisers learn how to build an aggressive, streamlined AdWords campaign proven to increase their search engine visibility, consistently capture clicks, double their website traffic, and increase their sales. Whether a current advertiser or new to AdWords, this guide is a necessary handbook.
Presents strategies for writing a successful Internet advertising campaign using Google AdWords, addressing how to connect Google ads to social media, develop keyword lists, slash bid prices, and increase traffic.
Google processes nearly 6 billion searches every day--making it a powerful advertising medium your business can't afford to ignore. Google AdWords experts Perry Marshall and Bryan Todd, joined by AdWords and analytics specialist Mike Rhodes, present the fundamentals, techniques, tools, and tricks that Google should teach you, but doesn't. This latest edition introduces revised, expanded, and new chapters covering Enhanced Campaigns, Google AdWords Express, and Google's Product Listing Ads, as well as an introduction to Google's Universal Analytics. You'll learn how to: Master Enhanced Campaigns, Google Shopping Campaigns, and Google Analytics Implement flexible bid strategies that keep you on budget Triple traffic with Google's Display Network Profit using local advertising Corner the second largest search engine with YouTube ads Avoid costly mistakes made by most Google advertisers Chisel your way into tough markets Write killer advertising and website copy that gets clicks Determine what is and isn't working with Google's AdWords
Focusing on the growing number of mobile users and increased localized searches, Perry Marshall and Mike Rhodes once again deliver the most comprehensive, current look at today's fastest, most powerful, easy-to-use advertising medium: Google Ads.
Never before in the history of advertising has it been possible to spend five bucks, write a couple of ads and get instant access to more than 100 million people in 10 minutes. But that's exactly what Google AdWords does. It's an awesome concept-but you can lose a bundle if you don't know how it works. Learn how to: Build an AdWords campaign from scratch Identify keywords that entice people to click on your ads Get the lowest bid prices on your keywords Defeat click fraud and other scams Use search engine optimization techniques Turn clicks into customers Plus get FREE e-mail updates on Google's ever-changing system.
Have you always wondered how companies make constant big sales? Do you know ads can generate income for your business? Passive income is a function of knowing exactly what to do to earn and tweaking it to work for you almost constantly as if on a loop. Especially if you run a business or and you wish to earn more than what's coming to your pocket right now. But increased income in such spaces on the internet needs growth to be effective and what better way to grow your customer base than with ads? This book offers expert insights on ads specifically Google Adwords using PPC -Pay Per Click- marketing and also YouTube ads, so as to expand your business and brand, increase sales and ultimately, lead to creating a passive source of income for you. Within this book, you'll find insights on: a) Starting: detailed explanations as to how ads work on the two platforms in view; the various types of ads, how to create and develop your account. b) Settings: what to do to make sure your account tells the two platforms how you want your ads to be run and the parameters you want to set in place. c) Optimisation: how to use your accounts to drive your ads to achieve success, what to do when things aren't going as planned and how to reach the right audience. There are other delicious tricks and hacks that guarantee substantial conversions and sales as well as how to stay afloat, above your competition. Furthermore, these are not to be missed in the book; the free tools that enable the above to function effectively for your website, provide an adequate number of CTRs -Click Through Rates- and your money's worth for clicks. Come and learn new ways to earn more and expand. Place an order now!
Every business owner today is desperately looking for means to survive the aggressive competition and this is where this eBook comes into the picture. This eBook aims to provide an in-depth overview of the advertising mechanism that has taken the world by storm. Yes, we are talking about none other than "Google AdWords." Starting with the basics, this eBook intends to address tactics that can help any business maximize the effect of its efforts. Discover the power of Google AdWords that you never knew existed and find answers to questions like: 1) What are prospect-winning strategies? 2) How to make your business spectacularly successful with Google AdWords? 3) How to structure a campaign from the scratch? 4) Do keyword tools really work? 5) How to use Google ads to your advantage? 6) How to climb higher on the success ladder with conversion tracking? In addition, you will uncover secrets for business to cruise along the lines of success. For all this and a lot more, start reading to redefine business success.

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