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The night before the Underwater Fancy-Dress Parade, Alfie got that feeling ... Sometimes it’s hard to be brave. Sometimes you get that feeling. Alfie isn’t sure he can go to the parade, but his mum knows there’s at least one special place for Alfie — a beautiful, shimmery, underwater world that tells Alfie it’s okay to feel shy. Because sometimes you’re just not ready ... until, one day, you are. From a dynamic new picture-book partnership comes this beautiful tale about fitting in and feeling brave; about giant octopuses with tiny hats; and about the secrets you can only tell the cowboys on your wallpaper.
Celebrates the myriad ways for kids to be smart--being empathic, artistic, athletic, and inquisitive.
A beautiful tale celebrating the invisible, protective, omnipresent love love between parents and children.
It's 1918 . . . and Alice lives with her big family by the Swan River in Perth, while on the other side of the world, the Great War rages. Alice's deepest wish is to become a ballerina, and when she auditions for a famous dance teacher from London, it seems as if her dreams might come true. But then there's a terrible accident, and Alice must ask herself whether there are more important things than dancing. Meet Alice and join her adventure in the first of four stories about a gifted girl in a time of war.
For the first time, read all four Alicestories in one beautiful hardback edition. It's 1918 and Alice's deepest wish is to be a professional ballerina. But as World War One tears her family apart, a battle is being fought in her heart. Can Alice keep everyone together and still make her dreams of dancing come true? Journey with Alice across all four exciting stories about a gifted girl in a time of war. Loyal, creative and passionate, Alice is an enchanting Australian Girl.
It's 1918 . . . and the war has finally ended. Alice can't wait for Teddy to come home from fighting in Europe so things can go back to normal. But when Mabel gets up to mischief and a handsome stranger returns to Peppermint Grove, life becomes more complicated than ever. Can Alice fix everyone's problems -- including her own? Follow Alice on her adventure in the third of four exciting stories about a gifted girl in a time of war.
Its' 1919 . . . and Alice is busy looking after Mama, practising her dancing, and trying to cheer up her brother Teddy now that he's back from the war. Alice soon comes up with a brilliant idea – a big event that is sure to make Teddy happy again. Will Alice's grand plan work out in the way she hopes? And will Alice and her family be able to leave the sorrows of the past behind. Follow Alice on her adventure in the final of four exciting stories about a gifted girl in a time of war.

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