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Dr Hamer is a highly controversial figure: his patients love him, yet other doctors want to block him, and meanwhile he gathers acknowledgements, but at the same time he is put on trial as well. Many believe that most of the opposition against him is because his theories -- and above all his long list of patients who have been healed -- go completely against established medicine... How can it be that diseases like cancer can simply be an attempt of the brain to fix (which means to heal) some emotional traumas? And that identifying such traumas and solving them can equate to healing the body? This is the only book available in Italy which is really up-to-date and comprehensive, very clear and supported by some brilliant cartoons: all these qualities have turned it into a real best seller. At long last a book on Dr Hamers new Germanic Medicine that is both really easy-to-read and comprehensive. Approach these controversial, yet fascinating theories with objectivity and open-mindedness.
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After literally stumbling into orbs appearing as bright as light bulbs in photographs he was taking at a spiritual retreat, Dr. Klaus Heinemann immediately sensed that he was onto something profound. There was no choice but to convince himself that his notion was on solid grounds. Heinemann looked at thousands of pictures he had taken earlier, and thousands more would be taken to test the hypothesis that these light circles are nothing less than emanations from Spirit beings. Dr. Míceál Ledwith had a similar experience after the orb phenomenon was first made known to him through the teachings of Ramtha. He began an intense and systematic study of orbs in all sort of situations, day and night, and in all sorts of atmospheric conditions, in order to discover all he could about their nature, the situations in which their presence could be most easily detected, and what implications they might have for our understanding of our own place in the cosmos. To date, he has amassed a collection of well over 100,000 images. In The Orb Project, Ledwith and Heinemann present their fascinating discoveries, along with practical tips that amateur digital photographers can use to photograph orbs and properly distinguish them from "false" orbs that are really dust or water particles. They offer guidelines on deciphering the orbs' various patterns, features, and characteristics, based on their extensive research. As Dr. Ledwith points out, once you develop a keen and sustained interest in photographing spirit entities, some quite interesting things begin to happen: the brain stops censoring these images, and you can begin to see with orbs with the naked eye -- in more color and detail than is visible to even a digital camera. Ledwith and Heinemann also explore communication with orbs and what their existence means to our lives. The implications of a realization that we are "surrounded by a cloud of witnesses" are enormous and incredibly hopeful for the world at large.
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