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Creative people will experience depression — that’s a given. It’s a given because they are regularly confronted by doubts about the meaningfulness of their efforts. Theirs is a kind of depression that does not respond to pharmaceutical treatment. What’s required is healing in the realm of meaning.In this groundbreaking book, Eric Maisel teaches creative people how to handle these recurrent crises of meaning and how to successfully manage the anxieties of the creative process. Using examples both from the lives of famous creators such as van Gogh and from his own creativity coaching practice, Maisel explains that despite their inevitable difficulties, creative people possess the ability to forge relationships, repair themselves, and find meaning in their work and their lives. Maisel presents a step-by-step plan to help creative people handle their special brand of depression and rediscover the reasons they are driven to create in the first place.
"Advice for those who work -- or desire to work -- in creative fields, such as writing, painting, acting, composing, or making crafts, with a focus on overcoming blocks and completing projects. Author has over three decades of experience working as a therapist and coach to creative clients"--Provided by publisher.
Kat, a young pianist suffering from composer's block, finds inspiration in the jazz of the 1940s and in the life of Kitty, a woman whose problems parallel her own but who infuses Kat's life with spontaneity, stimulus, and revelation
"During his brief and troubled life, Vincent van Gogh completed more than 800 paintings that reflect his obsession with fathoming the depths of nature and capturing all its facets on canvas - an obsession that would take him to the very limits of his physical and mental powers. Today, his paintings are among the most recognizable images in art and reach record prices at auction." "I, van Gogh offers an in-depth look at the life and work of the visionary artist, immersing the reader into the time and place in which the artist painted. In addition, excerpts from van Gogh's correspondence with his brother, Theo, provide a deeper understanding of his inspirations and emotions and well as a fascinating insight into his own paintings."--BOOK JACKET.
At the center of Blue is Abraham Tal, a gem merchant in New York City, and the Venetian Jewish wedding ring, with its radiant blue roof, which grounds him to this past and represents his hopes for the future. And Tal's story itself is, page by page, surrounded by the tales of other characters, real and imagined - literary, artistic, fictional, religious, and historical figures whose stories combine to give the central narrative unique texture and depth. Franz Kafka, James Joyce, Marcel Proust, Bob Dylan, Elie Wiesel, Chief Crazy Horse, various Jewish mystics and rabbis, Vermeer, Kierkegaard, Tal's mother, his father, his girlfriend - all are allowed their commentaries, often in the form of parallel stories from their own lives.
In his decades as a psychotherapist and creativity coach, Eric Maisel has found a common thread behind what often gets labeled ?writer's block,” ?procrastination,” or ?stage fright.” It's the particular anxiety that, paradoxically, keeps creators from doing, completing, or sharing the work they are driven toward. This ?creative anxiety” can take the form of avoiding the work, declaring it not good enough, or failing to market it ? and it can cripple creators for decades, even lifetimes. But Maisel has learned what sets successful creators apart. He shares these strategies here, including artist-specific stress management; how to work despite bruised egos, day jobs, and other inevitable frustrations; and what not to do to deal with anxiety. Implementing these 24 lessons replaces the pain of not creating with the profound rewards of free artistic self-expression. * Practical insights and proven techniques for overcoming the challenges and fears that plague creators of every kind * Teaching tales that convey effective approaches to creating fearlessly and abundantly
A hardback edition of the popular MoMA Artist Series, with larger reproductions of Van Gogh's artworks. Vincent van Gogh is one of the modern art's most celebrated figures, and his painting The Starry Night is one of the touchstones of the modern period. Painted at the tumultuous end of the artist's life, Van Gogh's imagined firmament, executed in deep blues and brilliant yellows, continues to capture the imaginations of all who view it. Its mystery, its evocation of the infinite, and its ability to inspire wonder have long made it one of the most beloved works in the collection of The Museum of Modern Art. An essay by art historian Richard Thomson looks in depth at the artist's career - from Van Gogh's turn to art at a relatively late age to the complex and difficult days at the end of his life - and the making of this luminous painting.
Presents information on different types of depression, discusses symptoms and treatment, and describes additional resources.
Offers critical analysis of thirty works of art that are well-known in popular culture, from Stonehenge and The Taj Mahal to the Mona Lisa, The Eiffel Tower, and Rodin's The Thinker.

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