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In this hilarious parody of a children’s classic, and a follow-up to its highly successful cousin, The Very Hungry Zombie, The Very Thirsty Vampire presents a charming little fellow with a very specific kind of thirst. As he drinks his way through a variety of bartenders, baristas, wine stewards, soda jerks, and other venders of fine beverages who try to quench his thirst, he pines for something of more substance, finally finding it in a blood bank, where hopeful nurses think he’s there to make a deposit, but the clever reader knows he’s only there to make a very sizeable withdrawal! With vivid, playful art and amusing text, The Very Thirsty Vampire will appeal to picture-book lovers of all ages. Adults will catch its slightly demented humor. Older kids who grew up on classic board books will love the fun of the parody. And all who appreciate the undead will adore this dashing bloodthirsty gentleman with a wicked sense of humor.
At five thousand years old, the vampire Alisa thought she was smart enough to stay out of trouble. But when her creator returns to hunt her, she must protect herself by befriending Ray, the boy who may be her only chance at finding her maker. When she begins to fall in love with Ray, all of a sudden there is more at stake than her own life. Originally published in 1994, this series netted more than 500,000 copies as individual titles and later as bind-ups. This hot new repackage will revive the series for today’s teen.
For anyone who loves all things zombie, The Walking Dead, or expects the zombie apocalypse, comes a parody of the children’s classic The Very Hungry Caterpillar A very hungry zombie eats his way through a variety of his favorite foods, including clowns, astronauts, rock stars, fingers, and brains. With vivid, playful art and amusing text, The Very Hungry Zombie will appeal to picture-book lovers of all ages. Adults will catch its slightly demented humor. Older kids who grew up on classic board books will love the fun of the parody. And because the art leans toward humor rather than truly graphic grossness, a new generation of little ones may just grow up loving a creepy zombie whose gluttony earns him a bellyache. Beware! This equal opportunity ghoulish gourmand would just love to have you for dinner!
When seventeen-year-old Celene is returning home after playing basketball with her best friend one crisp October afternoon, she is accosted and subsequently attacked by a mysterious red-eyed man named Cahlin. She wakes hours later to discover that not only are the terrifying legends that surrounded the woods near her home true, but also she has now become a part of them. She has become a vampire. Too frightened for the safety of her family and friends to return home, she instead retreats into the forest to learn about her new self. She discovers more and more about herself, some things she likes and others she doesn’t, until at last she can take it no more and she has to return to her parents. After saving them from a group of robbers, however, she discovers that they don’t remember her, and she has been wiped from existence in their minds. She returns in agony to the forest but returns again soon enough and discovers that, miraculously, her best friend Janet remembers her and has been equally perplexed by everyone else’s lack of memory. Celene begins to recover with the help of her friend, but all too soon, the demon within becomes too strong, and she finds herself hungering for Janet’s blood. They are both saved, however, by a mysterious dark-eyed man who claims to know more about Celene than she even knows of herself. Can she trust him? Will she overcome the demon within? And will she ever exact her revenge on the vampire who took everything from her?
First book of the Vampire Sorceress urban fantasy series.
Contains all three Vampire Sorceress urban fantasy novels: "The Vampire Sword," "The Vampire War," and "The Vampire Flame."
Sixteen-year-old Lucy Szabo is Undead -- at least according to her own theories about vampirism. Lucy believes that the first vampires -- with their pale skin, long teeth, and uncontrollable thirst -- were dying diabetics. And she should know. She's a diabetic herself. When Lucy becomes involved with Draco -- a self-proclaimed "real" vampire she meets in the Transylvania Internet chat room -- her world begins crashing down around her. Caught up in late-night parties and Goth culture, she begins to lose control of her grades, relationships, and health. Lucy realizes she needs to make some important choices, and fast. But it may already be too late.

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