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This guidebook describes the Way of St Francis a 550km month-long pilgrimage trail from Florence through Assisi to Rome. Split into 28 day stages, the walk begins in Florence and finishes in the Vatican City. Stages range from 8km to 30km with plenty to see, including ancient ruins, picturesque towns, national treasures, and stunning churches. This comprehensive guidebook fits in a jacket pocket or rucksack, and contains information on everything from accommodation and transport in Italy, to securing your credential (pilgrim identity card), budgeting, what to take, and where to do laundry. Stories of Francis of Assisi's life are also included. Although the route includes climbs and descents of up to 1200m, no special equipment is required - although your hiking boots and socks definitely need to get along. Following the steps of heroes, conquerors and saints on this pilgrim trail is manageable all year round, but is best done from April to June and mid-August to October. Route maps are given for every stage, and basic Italian phrases are included in the guidebook.
The Way of St. Francis challenges the reader with a renewed understanding of the saint: a Francis who shows us a way of life both stimulating and troubling, who asks us to look again at the possibilities within us and around us, and to whom we turn repeatedly in interpreting our own human experience of God. The Franciscan way helps, transforms and renews us. The book is composed of chapters on ways of letting go, of achieving poverty, simplicity and nonviolence.
What does a Franciscan friar know about dating? While officially off the market now, Dan Horan had his share of relationships in high school and collegeenough to know the ins and outs of dating, the high of first falling in love, and the low of falling out of love. He knows what it is like to break a heart and to experience the pain of heartbreak. He knows what the in-between time is like of planning, fun, fights, jealousy, bliss, connection, misunderstanding, and the rest. The journey to God, says Br. Dan, is a lot like dating. You have to get to know God in the same way and in a similar process as you would with someone you date, when you want to explore another persons truest self.
A spiritually practical work inspired by St. Francis that invites us to love God through ourselves, others and the natural world.
If you were able to talk to St. Francis of Assisi, what would you ask him? “Perhaps,” says James Howell,” the first question I’d want to ask Francis would be something like this: How did you do it? Were you real? How much of your story really happened? And I’m asking because I am wondering how I might do it: could I somehow grab a share of the life you had? The marvel in Francis’s story is that all he did seems entirely doable – but then, at the same time, ridiculously impossible. As I survey the bare facts of his life, it all seems so manageably simple, and yet unquestionably what happened was nothing short of miraculous.” In this spiritually apt look at the life, message, and meaning of St. Francis, Howell invites all of us to pose our most difficult spiritual questions to the saint–and to listen for the questions he asks of us in response.
An important new study of the way in which St Francis's image was recorded in literature, documents, architecture and art. St Francis was a man whose personality was deliberately stamped on his Order and Rosalind Brooke explores how the stories told by Francis's companions were at once brilliantly vivid portrayals of the man as well as guides to how the Franciscan way of life ought to be led. She also examines how after St Francis's death a great monument was erected to him in the Basilica at Assisi and how this came to reflect in stone and stained glass and fresco the manner in which some Popes and leading friars believed his memory should be fostered. Highly illustrated throughout, including colour and black and white plates, this book will be essential reading for medievalists and art historians as well as anyone interested in St Francis and the Franciscan movement.
Discover the story of a man who lived in the Italian town of Assisi nearly 800 years ago—and still offers inspiration to millions today. In a small town in Italy, in the late twelfth century, a wealthy silk merchant and his wife welcomed a baby boy. Their son lived a life of wealth and worldly pleasure, until he found himself called to something else—a life of service, poverty, charity, celebration, and song. This strange man defied every norm of his society, choosing instead to follow his own heart. And he changed the world. In Following Francis, Susan Pitchford tells the inspiring, surprising, and intriguing story of Francis of Assisi, the man who started the Franciscan order of the Catholic Church. Exploring both the history of the man and the history of his followers, and weaving in her personal experience as a Third Order Franciscan, Pitchford takes a close look at system of belief that is paradoxically devoted to a simple life and to open and joyful celebration, discovering along the way how all modern individuals, whether in a religious profession or not, can live a fuller life.

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