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The Way Toward Health is an in-depth examination of the miracle of life in a human body, woven through the poignant story of Jane Roberts’ courageous attempt to understand why she had contracted the crippling condition that ultimately led to her death. The material in the book was evoked by the questions and considerations Jane and her husband Rob faced during her long illness. Expanding upon those questions, Seth discusses: • Why medicine and therapy often perpetuate illness • How the practice of naming diseases can work against us • The influence of religion in creating disease • How childrens’ health is influenced by parents’ beliefs • Humor as an effective factor in healing • The mechanics of self-healing: how our thoughts and beliefs affect our health • The creative aspects of illness: how we sometimes contract an illness to give ourselves time to understand and integrate our life experiences
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To receive the greatest value for health care, it is important to focus on issues of quality and disparity, and the ability of individuals to make appropriate decisions based on basic health knowledge and services. The Forum on the Science of Health Care Quality Improvement and Implementation, the Roundtable on Health Disparities, and the Roundtable on Health Literacy jointly convened the workshop "Toward Health Equity and Patient-Centeredness: Integrating Health Literacy, Disparities Reduction, and Quality Improvement" to address these concerns. During this workshop, speakers and participants explored how equity in care delivered and a focus on patients could be improved.
The adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) in healthcare is driven by the need to contain costs while maximizing quality and efficiency. However, ICT adoption for healthcare information management has brought far-reaching effects and implications on the spirit of the Hippocratic Oath, patient privacy and confidentiality. A wave of security breaches have led to pressing calls for opt-in and opt-out provisions where patients are free to choose to or not have their healthcare information collected and recorded within healthcare information systems. Such provisions have negative impact on cost, efficiency and quality of patient care. Thus determined efforts to gain patient trust is increasingly under consideration for enforcement through legislation, standards, national policy frameworks and implementation systems geared towards closing gaps in ICT security frameworks. The ever-increasing healthcare expenditure and pressing demand for improved quality and efficiency in patient care services are driving innovation in healthcare information management. Key among the main innovations is the introduction of new healthcare practice concepts such as shared care, evidence-based medicine, clinical practice guidelines and protocols, the cradle-to-grave health record and clinical workflow or careflow. Central to these organizational re-engineering innovations is the widespread adoption of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) at national and regional levels, which has ushered in computer-based healthcare information management that is centred on the electronic healthcare record (EHR).
This essential collection presents a state-of-the-art framework for how workers in public health and related disciplines should conceptualize health disparities and how they should be addressed worldwide. The contributors, who are leading public health professionals, educators, and practitioners in complimentary fields advance new evidence-based models designed to mobilize and educate the next generation of research and practice. The resulting chapters articulate new theory, procedures, and policies; the legacy of racism; community-based participatory research; new internet technology; training community workers and educators; closing the education and health gap; and addressing the needs of special populations. Toward Equity in Health is an essential book for all who are working toward global health equity-whether in health education, health promotion, disease prevention, public health, the health care delivery system, or patient- and population level health.
Follow the very personal story of how one woman reversed a deadly auto-immune disease and returned to complete health by discovering the benefits of health frequencies.
Answers do exist for seemingly incurable diseases. The information contained in this book applies to a diverse variety of conditions ranging from ADD, Autism, Scleroderma, and MS to psoriasis and eczema. We all have the ability to reach good health by changing to the correct materials such as dental, clothing and furniture. This book follows Jane Parker's journey from the diagnosis of systemic Scleroderma, a fatal autoimmune disease, to good health. After a year of unanswered questions, numerous doctors and alternative practitioners, she finally received a correct diagnosis of Scleroderma. In researching the disease she found there was no known way to cure it. All existing information held no hope for survival and definitely none for a reversal, but this didn't stop her search to cure this deadly disease. She tried many different approaches, from conventional medicine to alternative therapies with no apparent results or answers to her problems. She finally found the answer through Victor Dyment, a Russian healer/scientist who has been doing research into the effects of different materials on health. Victor found the answers that can help reverse many diseases, not only Scleroderma. Under Victor's guidance she is the first one who has completely reversed this irreversible condition. This book describes the many steps Jane took, including the failures as well as the triumphs, in her struggle to overcome this deadly disease. This book follows Victor's research from its beginnings in Russia to the development of his Health Frequency theory and the effects of materials on our health. With the increasing awareness of environmental health hazards this book is vital for both children and adults. By sharing these experiences and knowledge, we want to make your journey to health a lot shorter than Jane's.

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