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Are there any genuinely wild places left in Britain and Ireland? Or have we tarmacked, farmed and built ourselves out of wildness? In his vital, bewitching, inspiring classic, Robert Macfarlane sets out in search of the wildness that remains.
For the Wild Places profiles five of the unsung heroes of the new discipline of conservation biology -- the front-line soldiers of the conservation movement who have dedicated their lives to saving endangered species and habitats. In addition to describing the day-to-day activities of the scientists, author Janet Bohlen explores the wider issues that are ultimately responsible for the success or failure of conservation efforts. In the course of her travels, she came to appreciate the complex interaction of local and global needs, and the reality of the political and social context in which all such efforts take place. In describing the scientists, their lives, and their work, she effectively conveys the fundamental importance and ever-present challenge of a life devoted to protecting the environment.
Elizabeth Marshall Thomas has spent a lifetime observing other creatures and other cultures, from her own backyard to the African savannah. Her books have transported millions of readers into the hidden lives of animals—from dogs and cats to deer and lions. She’s chronicled the daily lives of African tribes, and even imagined the lives of prehistoric humans. She illuminates unknown worlds like no other. Now, she opens the doors to her own. Dreaming of Lions traces Thomas’s life from her earliest days, including when, as a young woman in the 1950s, she and her family packed up and left for the Kalahari Desert to study the Ju/Wa Bushmen. The world’s understanding of African tribal cultures has never been the same since. Nor has Thomas, as the experience taught her not only how to observe, but also how to navigate in male-dominated fields like anthropology and animal science and do what she cared about most: spending time with animals and people in wild places, and relishing the people and animals around her at home. Readers join Thomas as she returns to Africa, after college and marriage, with her two young children, ending up in the turmoil leading to Idi Amin’s bloody coup. She invites us into her family life, her writing, and her fascination with animals—from elephants in Namibia, to dogs in her kitchen, or cougars outside her New England farmhouse. She also recounts her personal struggles, writing about her own life with the same kind of fierce honesty that she applies to the world around her, and delivering a memoir that not only shares tremendous insights, but also provides tremendous inspiration. Dreaming of Lions, originally published in hardcover as A Million Years With You, is slightly updated and includes a powerful new afterword by the author.
Shows and describes wilderness areas in the Polar regions, North and South America, Africa, Europe, Asia, and Australia
For the Love of Wild Places explores the most remote habitats on the planet. From the intimate view of a cheetah¿s care of her six cubs in Africa to a carpet of Emperor Penguins in Antarctica to a robotic landing of 25,000 turtles on an isolated Costa Rica beach, this personal narrative captures the wonder, beauty, and fragility of vanishing wild places. During four decades, Greg and Mary Beth Dimijian ventured into the back country of Earth by land, sea, and air to photograph and savor the adventures shared in this book. From the searing heat inside a volcano in Hawaii to the grandeur of the continental divide in Glacier National Park and the mystery of a coral reef during a night dive, their stories reflect a love of learning about fascinating inhabitants of the planet and a passion for adventure. For the Love of Wild Places inspires readers with a renewed motivation for exploring and saving the remaining wonders of Planet Earth. Photographs lure readers to sights and scenes that echo a resounding message: If you treasure wild places, go now before they disappear.
This book explores what many consider to be the most important issue in the re-wilding of America today-roads. Not highways, but the 500,000 miles of roads built on federal forest lands to access natural resources and then abandoned when the resources were removed.

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