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SECOND EDITION -- One great German offensive has broken through the Russian defenses, leaving an allied army trapped in the frozen wasteland of the Kola Peninsula. While the armies try and survive the bitter cold, ski troops fight a vicious private war to dominate the ground between their armies. Desperate to break the deadlock, the German Navy sets sail in an effort to destroy the convoys that keep the allied armies on Kola alive. And so, an epic naval battle brews in the icy waters of the North Atlantic. In the midst of the fighting, the crew of a U.S. Navy railway gun, Russian railway engineers and Siberian ski troops come together in a desperate struggle to save the great guns from the advancing German troops. Behind the scenes, in a war-weary America, a political battle is being fought. One in which a supposed friend can be as deadly an enemy as any to be found on the Kola Peninsula.
Winged demons gather, silent and unseen, above the city of Usa, their talons long and sharp. Their purpose is clear, as is the prophesy: Upon the deaths of the three kings, the demon riders of the Krayakin will become flesh, free to slake their thirst with human blood - and the stench of evil will cover the land. Two of the kings are already dead. For the prophesy to be fulfilled, spreading carnage across the world, the Demon Lord must sacrifice the third king: Queen Axiana's unborn child. When Emperor Skanda disbands his army, the pregnant queen takes flight, pursued by the Lords of the Undead. All hope lies with three ancient heroes, though discarded by the emperor, they are still Drenai soldiers: Bison the giant, Kebra the bowman, and the great swordsman Nogusta - the Demon Lord's greatest foe. But will these warriors - once the best in the land - be enough to stem the tide of gruesome horror that threatens to envelop the world? From the Paperback edition.
Maneater By Denise A Agnew When Destiny Tremayne and fellow agent Mac Tudor are assigned to investigate mysterious disappearances at a strange lab high in the Colorado Mountains, they clash at every turn. Destiny thinks Mac is a throwback. Mac thinks Destiny hates any man who has balls. When they realize something monstrous stalks the secluded high-mountain lab, they'll face a terrifying enemy and a blazing sexual inferno they may not survive. Solstice Surrender By Tracy Cooper-Posey Jenna MacDonald, cynic extraordinaire, flees to Banff, Canada, for the holiday season to lick her wounds in private after an assignment takes a tragic turn. But trouble manages to find her even in the heart of the Canadian Rockies. A mystery-clad stranger called Rhys Cellyn exerts a powerful influence over her mind and her body, while Jenna struggles to stay afloat in the mythical world he plunges her into. Time is against her, for at the moment of the winter solstice she must make a fateful choice. Turkish Delight By Rosemary Laurey Nur Aydan, a moroii-a living vampire-accepts a commission in the UK, investigating investment of terrorist funds. The supposedly routine job, has Nur involved in a local protest over rights-of-way, rescuing demonstrators for attackers, using her moroii abilities to thwart terrorists. And falling in love.
1067. Following the devastating loss of the Battle of Hastings, William the Bastard and his men have descended on England. Villages are torched and men, women, and children are put to the sword as the Norman king attempts to impose his cruel will upon this unruly nation. But there is one who stands in the way of the invader’s savagery. He is called Hereward. He is a warrior and master tactician and as adept at slaughter as the imposter who sits upon the throne. And he is England’s last hope. In a Fenlands fortress of water and wild wood, Hereward’s resistance is simmering. His army of outcasts grows by the day—a devil’s army that emerges out of the mists and the night, leaving death in its wake. But William is not easily cowed. Under the command of his ruthless deputy, Ivo Taillebois—the man they call “the Butcher”—the Norman forces will do whatever it takes to crush the rebels, even if it means razing England to the ground. Here then is the tale of the bloodiest rebellion England has ever known—the beginning of an epic struggle that will echo down the years . . .
"It's a year since Brianna MacEgan's husband was killed, and she remains coldly obsessed with avenging his death. But Arturo de Manzano is intent on distracting her with his muscled fighter's body-and the ice around her heart is soon in danger of melting"--P. [4] of cover.
Young Scott Camil grew up in Florida in the 1960s hating Commies and wanting to fight for his country. After graduating from high school, Camil decides to join the marines and is plunged into the thick of combat in Vietnam. Upon his return to civilian life, Camil has a moment of revelation and adopts a new cause: telling the American people the truth about what's going on in Vietnam. In Eve Gilbert's Winter Warrior, each panel is an exquisitely imagined interpretation of Camil's story, capturing the brutal reality of the war and the bleak political reality on the domestic front. Winter Warrior recounts both the personal journey of one American and his need for political engagement when his conscience collides with American foreign policy during the height of the Cold War.
Travel back in time in the magic tree house with Jack and Annie in this #1 bestselling series and meet the greatest warriors of all--the Romans! We are warriors! Jack and Annie have met knights, pirates, ninjas, and Vikings, but they have never met the most fearsome warriors of all: Roman soldiers. When the magic tree house whisks them back to the early 100s AD, Jack and Annie find themselves in a Roman camp. Their mission: Be like a warrior. That is easier said than done! The Roman soldiers are much scarier in person--and suspicious of strangers. Then a mysterious man riding a black horse gives Jack and Annie some advice to help them on their mission. But the man may not be who he seems. Will Jack and Annie be good warriors? Can they learn what makes the Roman soldiers so great? And who is the mysterious rider . . . ? Did you know that there's a Magic Tree House book for every kid? Magic Tree House: Perfect for readers who are just beginning chapter books Merlin Missions: More challenging adventures for the experienced reader Fact Trackers: Nonfiction companions to your favorite Magic Tree House adventures If you're looking for Merlin Mission #31: Summer of the Sea Serpent, it was renumbered as part of the rebrand in 2017 as Merlin Mission #3.

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