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The ultimate drill collection from basketball’s best! Two of the game’s winningest coaches – Tennessee’s Pat Summitt and Texas’ Jody Conradt – share their favorite drills that have helped produce over 1,800 victories! Fellow NCAA National Championship head coaches Nancy Fahey, Brenda Frese, Wendy Larry, Muffet McGraw, Amy Ruley, and Tara VanDerveer combine with over 40 more of the game’s legendary minds to bring you their game-winning drills and strategies to create The Women’s Basketball Drill Book, the most comprehensive basketball drill book ever published. Whether you’re a coach or player, aspiring young hopeful or experienced team leader, this resource will provide you with 186 drills covering all aspects of the game: Warming up Conditioning Footwork Ballhandling Passing Screening Shooting Rebounding Defense Perimeter play Post play Transition play Whether you wish to develop new skills or fine-tune your game, rely on the drills that have produced a combined 21 NCAA National Championships. The Women’s Basketball Drill Book is the one and only drill book you’ll ever need! ContentsPart I Training Drills Chapter 1 Warm-Up Drills Chapter 2 Conditioning Drills Part II Offensive Drills Chapter 3 Moving Drills Chapter 4 Dribbling Drills Chapter 5 Passing Drills Chapter 6 Offensive Screening Drills Chapter 7 Shooting Drills Chapter 8 Offensive Rebounding Drills Chapter 9 Offensive Transition Drills Part III Defensive Drills Chapter 10 Footwork Drills Chapter 11 Defensive Screening Drills Chapter 12 Defensive Rebounding Drills Chapter 13 Defensive Transition Drills Chapter 14 Perimeter Drills Chapter 15 Post Drills Chapter 16 Team Drills
The two winningest coaches in NCAA basketball history, Pat Summitt and Jody Conradt, have joined forces with more than 50 other coaching greats to offer the most complete drill book on the market. The Women's Basketball Drill Book presents more than 180 drills that have been used by some of the best college programs in the country, leading teams to 12 NCAA Division I titles and 9 NCAA Division II titles. Opportunities for female basketball players and coaches in the AAU, college, and professional ranks are growing, and basketball remains the most popular sport among high school girls, with more than 400,000 participants. The Women's Basketball Drill Book gives those players and their coaches an abundance of drills to improve fundamental and advanced skills, tactical play, and basketball-specific conditioning. With detailed diagrams, coaching tips, and drill variations, The Women's Basketball Drill Book offers a variety of ways to practice every aspect of the game and help players and coaches take their skills and teams to the next level.
101 drills addressing every aspect of the game; writtenfor coaches and players of all levels of competition.
While the highest-scoring basketball players are usually those with the most talent, the highest-scoring teams are those that run their offense efficiently. Now you can boost your team's point totals-and victory totals-by using >WBCA's Offensive Basketball Drills> to improve your offensive execution.The top collegiate women's basketball coaches in the nation have put together their most effective offensive practice drills into this ultimate point-producing manual. Developed by the Women's Basketball Coaches Association, this drill collection was compiled by legendary coaches such as Tennessee's Pat Summitt, Old Dominion's Wendy Larry, Kansas' Marian Washington, Nebraska's Paul Sanderford, and Clemson's Jim Davis.In chapter 1, "Movement Drills, " you'll learn how to develop players who can cut, slash, pivot, explode, and stop on a dime. Everyone handles the ball in today's game, and chapter 2, "Dribbling Drills, " provides the framework for developing outstanding ballhandling skills from all five players on the floor. In chapter 3, "Passing Drills, " you'll learn how to create skillful passers who understand when and where to deliver the pass so that it leads to a scoring opportunity.Chapter 4, "Screening Drills, " includes detailed breakdowns and coaching tips for building screening drills into your practices. Once your players develop an uncanny knack for getting open, the drills in chapter 5, "Shooting Drills, " ensure they've got the tools to finish the job. They will, however, miss on occasion. When they do, chapter 6, "Rebounding Drills, " ensures they'll control the boards.Some teams attack quickly, others alternate their pace to catch their defenders off guard. Whatever your transition plan, use the information in chapter 7, "Transition Drills, " to make sure your players are effective in putting it to action. In chapter 8, "Situation Drills, " you'll learn how to get that bucket when you most need it.Accompanied by detailed instructions and illustrations, each drill describes the purpose, procedure, key coaching points, and possible variations to increase difficulty or competitiveness. The drills are grouped according to a key skill or facet of the offensive attack, making it easy to fine-tune your offense in practice so that it fires on all cylinders during games.
This book offers a superb collection of drills aimed at women's junior high, high school and college basketball coaches and players. It contains 92 drills and strategies for individual and team defense. Detailed diagrams and instructions with an easy-to-follow format. Illustrations.

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