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The author presents proof that the Bible is of divine origin.
This book fills a real need for pastors and students. Though there is currently a large body of material on the theological interpretation of Scripture, most of it is highly specific and extremely technical. J. Todd Billings here provides a straightforward entryway for students and pastors to understand why theological interpretation matters and how it can be done. / A solid, constructive theological work, The Word of God for the People of God presents a distinctive Trinitarian, participatory approach toward reading Scripture as the church. Billings's accessible yet substantial argument for a theological hermeneutic is rooted in a historic vision of the practice of scriptural interpretation even as it engages a wide range of contemporary issues and includes several exegetical examples that apply to concrete Christian ministry situations.
"Fundamentalism" is just a twentieth-century name for historic Evangelicalism, says Packer. In this constructive restatement of evangelical principles, he shows what Fundamentalism is and goes on on discuss the basic question dividing Fundamentalists and their critics--the authority of Scripture.
Hundreds of Bible questions on the internet, in magazines, books, movies, and TV. Maybe you have even asked yourself questions. However, should we place a book on trial, and convict it, before ever looking at the evidence. Here is your chance to make an objective, honest investigation of God's Word?
Eric Brownlee grew up on the Great Plains of Northeastern Colorado, where he experienced his first insights into the beauty of nature—the majestic grandeur of the Rocky Mountains, the incomprehensible power of a thunderstorm, the utter indifference imposed upon the human spirit by a star-filled night sky, or in the solitude and serenity of a vast wheatfield stretching to the horizon. The formal, societal experiences that influenced his religious upbringing, the hours spent in church, the vague sermons, the rote memorization, paled in comparison. To this day, he can't understand why someone would expect to find God inside a man-made structure, or in the pages of a book written by men. He condemns Jesus' statement: "The man who loves his life will lose it, while the man who hates his life in this world will keep it for eternal life."Passionately driven to write a book exposing the flimsy foundation upon which Judeo-Christian zealotry is based, Eric has, in the spirit of Joseph Daleiden's seminal work, The Final Superstition(Prometheus Books), painstakingly provided rigorous arguments establishing that sound ethics and effective social doctrines must not be grounded in myth and falsehood.
The Bible has a lot to say about speaking life, being a hearer and doer of the Word, and walking by faith and not by sight. The Bible also says that a threefold cord is not easily broken in Ecclesiastes 4: 12. When all three of these principles are utilized together, I believe that great blessing, strength and grace are released over the believer's life. In this book, I will share scripture that will encourage you to speak life, and to stand on the Word of God with overcoming faith. As you read the scriptures, it is my prayer that the LORD will bless you exceedingly, abundantly and above all you may ask or think according to the power that works within you! (Eph 3: 20)
THE WORD OF GOD IS WORKING: EVERY TIME AND EVERYWHERE This book focuses on the need for believers to turn to God's Word for guidance in situations and challenges in their lives, allowing scripture to strengthen their belief in God's power to change all areas of their lives. Readers will be encouraged to speak out loud God's Word in any situation and will feel the peace in knowing God's power is changing their situation as they speak. The author's passion for God's Word is evident throughout the book, intensified by her knowledge of scripture that helps to amplify her points to the readers. Having also stories of God's work happening in the author's life supports her claims of how God's Word can change any situation for the better. Having scripture in bold and italic lettering will allow the scripture to draw the attention of readers while reading and can be a helpful resource to look back on as the reader continues reading the book. The faith declarations at the end of the book will be beneficial to both new and seasoned believers in Jesus Christ as they encourage them to become more open and cognizant about their faith daily. Blair Townley Editor Xulon Press, a part of Salem Communications "Pastor Mary Inibhoje Ehichioya (Nee Okojie) was born again in 1971. She attended the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, graduated with a B.A (Hons.) in History and Archeology; the University of Benin, and graduated with a post graduate Diploma in Education; and the Loveworld Ministerial College, where she earned a Bachelor of Ministry. She is an ordained Pastor in Believers' Loveworld Nation. She is a daughter of the Most High God and is a living proof that Jesus Christ is real, alive, and is Lord of Heaven and Earth. She also authored "PRESERVED BY GRACE" a must read.
The survivor of a traumatic accident that almost ended her life, Evangelist Towanda Bellamy, from the age of five years old, has lived through an experience which threatened to cause her to quit and give up this thing called Life. In "Warrioring in the Word of God", Evangelist Bellamy has taken pen to paper; sharing the story of her overcoming faith in the presence of devastating odds.
The art of Islamic calligraphy developed from the 7th to the 14th century, beginning in western Arabia, spreading south to Yemen and north to the Near East, and continuing east and west to Iran, Egypt, North Africa, and Spain. This handsome book demonstrates the breadth and beauty of Islamic calligraphy across centuries and continents, as seen in rare early folios of the Qur’an. Noted scholar David J. Roxburgh begins by discussing the Qur’an, which Muslims believe to be the written record of a series of divinely inspired revelations to the Prophet Muhammad. He then analyzes Kufic script, the preeminent vehicle for writing early manuscripts of the Qur’an; reforms of calligraphy in the 10th century; and the great master Islamic calligraphers, in particular Yaqut al-Musta'simi. The beautiful reproductions of folios and bifolios validate Roxburgh’s conclusion that "the miracle of the text of the Qur’an found its equal in the technical mastery of the calligrapher’s practice, a miracle in its own right.”
"Christians often discard theology as too intellectual or not applicable to their lives. "The Amazing Word of God" takes seminary-level topics and tools and presents them in a practical, relevant way." John Westergaard, former staff teacher, YWAM School of Biblical Studies.
Do your children's eyes gloss over as soon as family scripture study starts? Adventures with the Word of God is exactly what you need to get them excited about scripture study. Interactive scripture reading makes family study fun for the whole family. Help your children learn and understand gospel principles directly from the scriptures with a year's worth of scripture study themes, such as: * The family proclamation * Pioneers * President Hinckley's Be's * Charity * Testimony Together, your family can study and learn from sets of verses on similar topics, which helps children to better understand the language of the scriptures. Helpful hints are included to provide additional ways to encourage children to pay closer attention during family study time. With this handy helper, children can gain the tools they need to begin personal scripture study and increase their individual testimonies.
Volume three in a three-part series that functions as a pastoral tool for sharing the word of God; focuses on Cycle C and emphasizes using the lectionary in catechesis throughout the year.
Doug brings together, In a daily reading format, a wide array of scriptures and his own inimitable exposition of these scriptures. Followers of Christ, at all stages of their Christian walk, will find profound new insights and encouragement in these messages. All readers will grow in their understanding and love For The Lord Jesus. -John A. Burkhart, M.D. Surveying Truth in the Word of God is an intriguing and thought-provoking book answering current problems and concerns with scriptural texts. -Dr. Robin Snider-Flohr, Professor, Jefferson Community College Scripture comes alive through the insightful interpretations in this powerfully unique study guide. -Arthur and Louise Panepucci, Images Advertising Company Rev. Douglas Fisher gives an exposeacute; through various theological topics that provoke thought and evoke desire for further research in Surveying Truth is the Word of God: A New, Inspirational Way to Study Your Bible. After a lifetime of experience and study, Rev. Fisher has compiled topics such as: salvation, Christian living, miracles, and many more for others to utilize. Whether you are a new Christian or simply wanting a starting point to begin further study, Surveying Truth is the Word of God is a great resource for any library. Rev. Douglas R. Fisher currently resides in Port Orange with his wife, Vern.
"Word of God, Word of Man" combines the wisdom of the Bible along with that of man on a wide variety of topics and areas of interest to everyone. For each of seventy different topics it compares what God has said in His Word versus what men and women have said in popular quotations, along with a commentary of the author's personal experience to enlighten and inspire the reader. The audience for "Word of God, Word of Man" is not limited to any particular group of persons. While written from a Christian point of view it would appeal to anyone seeking knowledge, comfort or inspiration. It can be used as a devotional, for help when facing situations in life or for general reading and enjoyment. The book can also be used as a pastoral aid in preparing sermons and for general Bible study. Author Rick Etchells is a retired electronic packaging engineer with over 35 years experience in the Oil and Gas Industry. He holds a BS degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado and a Master of Science degree in Human Resource Management from Houston Baptist University. He has been actively involved in teaching Sunday school and leading Bible studies for over twenty years. He also participates in numerous volunteer activities in the community through his church, Faith United Methodist in Richmond, Texas. In addition to his love of the Bible he has an interest in history and traveling the 2 lane roads of America.
Discover new ways to journal and express your faith with the 52 Weeks Rightly Handling the Word of God Bible Study Journal. This bible study journal will be a definite keepsake journal to record and recall your Bible study notes, teachings, and sermons. Bible journaling is a powerful and popular way to engage with Scripture. It is not a devotional or commentary. However, it becomes one as you record your personal quiet time and corporate fellowship time in the Word of God. This Bible Study Journey holds 52 weeks of journaling when used on Sunday sermons. This journal is laid out in a way to cultivate your relationship with God as you study His Word. Each journaling section allows you to record the Scripture reference you are considering so you can have a quick reference to the parts of the Bible you have studied. It also includes the notes and outlines of that passage of Scripture so that you can build a personal commentary of selected passages of Scripture. The last part of the journal is an application section that challenges you to pray over what the Lord has shown and taught you from His Word. This application section is an excellent opportunity to find ways to apply God's Word to change daily in Word, deed, and thought as the heavenly Father conforms you into the image of His Son.

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