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A hauntingly surreal account of tragedy, determination and courage against insurmountable odds. As a young, fragile child fights for her life, her mother faces harsh challenges, discovering the true essence of the human spirit in surprising, mysterious moments. The painfully intertwined lives of many are revealed as truths about spirituality, intuition and humanity are placed in a glaring, pure light. An astonishing experience is exposed through listening to the whispers of "Sierra's song," revealing the true zen of crisis.
A practical synthesis of AA’s Twelve Steps and Zen’s Eightfold Path. In this compelling blend of East and West, Mel Ash shows how Zen mind and practice connect to the heart of recovery. Courageously drawing from his lifetime of experience as an abused child, alcoholic, Zen student, and dharma teacher, Ash presents a practical synthesis of Alcoholics Anonymous’s Twelve Steps and Zen’s Eightfold Path. You don’t have to be Buddhist to appreciate the healing power of The Zen of Recovery. The book makes Zen available to all seeking to improve the quality of their spiritual and everyday lives. It also includes practical instructions on how to meditate and put the book into action. Its message will help readers live more profoundly “one day at a time.”
In The Zen of Gambling, the star of Spike TV's Wayne Allyn Root's WinningEDGE shows readers why - be it in the casino, on the playing field, or in the boardroom - it is so vital to take risks in life. Wayne Allyn Root lives an American Dream: he makes tons of money watching sports on television. In fact, as CEO of GWIN Inc., America's only publicly traded sports handicapping firm, Root is a self-made millionaire with hundreds of thousands of sports-betting clients and fans. In this book he reveals the spiritual principles behind his consistently winning hand.
Pout, the chimera, half-man, half-ape, was incorporated into one of the plants or vice versa. He was jammed into a squatting position, while the stems, entering at his buttocks, merged with his legs, his arms and his torso, emerging at knees, elbows, and through his abdomen and thorax. A large, yellow-petalled flower seemed to frame his face. It was his face that rivetted Ikematsu's attention, while the chimera squirmed in dumb distress, glaring with huge piteous eyes. For in that face, set into it as if set in pudding, was the zen gun. The gun was his face, or a part of it. The barrel pointed straight out in place of a nose... the stock merged with and disappeared into Pout's pendulous mouth. Ikematsu leaned toward the chimera. "How you loved your toy! Now it is truly yours!"
A speech and language therapist shares her Buddhist perspective on human communication, arguing that mindfulness--the supreme Zen virtue--can be used to cultivate the all-important art of listening.
A spiritual approach to the simple joys and wonders of a well-cooked meal, this "philosophy of nourishment" helps readers appreciate the role that food plays in our lives, offering a more contemplative and joyous existence. Original.
This collection features Davis Miller’s celebrated trilogy of award-winning Muhammad Ali pieces, including the classic “My Dinner with Ali,” together with a provocative new essay called “The Yin and Yang of Muhammad Ali.” There are also two pieces about Miller’s unusual relationship with boxer “Sugar” Ray Leonard, and he continues to explore the Bruce Lee phenomenon. Now collected for the first time, these brilliant pieces form a haunting meditation on fighting, living, friendship, and love.

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