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The story narrated in this book highlights the agonies suffered by ordinary people in apartheid South Africa, some of whom found themselves being welcomed back as heroes while all they did was flee from an unjust government. This is the story of Gebashe, who, as a school boy, was recruited by the organization of freedom fighters and ended up in Swaziland as a private doctor with an unhappy marriage. Back home Gebashes father is estranged from his eldest son, who took Gebashe from a rural school to a school in Cape Town from where he was recruited by the freedom fighters. Gebashes return to his home country, long after the first elections for a democratic government marks the beginning of reconciliation in his family, acted out through the custom of initiation. He then remarries; this time to a woman who would have been his childhood girlfriend had things been normal when they grew up. It is a story of mutilated family structures, but through all that hope for reconciliation and prosperity prevails, hence the title.
Dottie's husband Reg has never been the same since returning home from WWII. The man she fell in love with has become selfish and cruel. Out of the blue, Reg receives a letter informing him that he is the father of a child born out of a dalliance during the war, now the sole care of the young orphan, Patsy, has fallen to him. Dottie is struggling with the idea of bringing up another woman's child, especially as she and Reg are further away than ever from having one of their own. However, when eight-year-old Patsy arrives, it becomes clear that Reg has been economical with the truth.
“There is always tomorrow” is something that I try to remind myself every day. My heavenly father has given me a faith that I rely on daily to make it through the challenges of life. We all have challenges we must face. Many times, the challenges and burdens we face can make me or you feel as if there is no way out. When you look to God and the strength inside yourself, there is always a way through all the storms of life. We all have an inner strength that oftentimes we don’t know we have until we need it. Heavenly father never leaves us alone. He is always with you or me. We all have a spirit of a warrior inside us all. Having a warrior spirit does not mean that you will not be hurt or scarred by the trials of life. Usually, the opposite is true if we pray and listen to our hearts and do what God wants us to do. Then we will be able to navigate through the storms of life. God has given us this life and as part of it has given us the tools to make it through the journey we call life. When you feel as if you can’t handle one more thing that life can throw at you, remember to look to God and there is always tomorrow. Never give up on life or yourself. There is always a reason to look toward tomorrow. We are all special.
Adrella always noticed him Everyone took notice of the handsome lighthouse keeper when he visited the mainland. Especially shopkeeper's daughter Adrella Murphy. But the enigmatic man never said a word to anyone. When Adrella is stranded with him on an isolated island during a storm, will she give up her dreams of true love and marry him to save her reputation? As a doctor in the Civil War, Dathan Adams saw too much suffering, and he withdrew from the world to his beloved lighthouse. Now a hurricane forces a spirited Irish lass into his care. To stay alive, he must set aside his solitude and work side by side with Adrella. When her strength and faith erode his defenses, a tragedy might just yield unexpected love.
Melanie wishes there were real gentlemen still in the world. Her dating life is a joke so when she hears about a week-long Regency immersion experience at Twickenham Manor in England she happily books a trip. After an almost perfect week, and wishing she could prolong her stay, Melanie is surprised to find herself transported back in time to Victorian England in the year 1851. Sir Jack Hughes has had enough of the flirtatious young ladies and their meddling mothers. When he meets Melanie, another one of Aunt Nellie's visitors from the Americas, he's happy to make her acquaintance, yet cautious. He can't lose his heart again to another visiting American. As the two spend time together, they agree to pretend to go along with Aunt Nellie's matchmaking schemes in order to avoid the other eligible guests at the manor. But when they come to enjoy each other's company more than they expected, how can they ever find common ground if they aren't even from the same century?
Wally Renfro, Private Investigator gets an urgent call from a woman whose husband has disappeared. Even though Wally is retired, he accepts the job of finding him. Along the way he stumbles on an illegal immigration scheme.

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