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...a story of remarkable contrasts: From Scapa Flow in 1944 as a seventeen-year-old midshipman, to Tokyo Harbour and the Japanese surrender; from the Royal Cruise to South Africa in HMS Vanguard to climbing the Alps, then sailing the sweltering waters of the Persian Gulf; from studying Russian at Cambridge and in Paris, to the British Embassy in Moscow, the wrong end of a Kalashnikov and Stalin's funeral in Moscow; from the first post-war transit of the Trans-Siberian Railway by Westerners, to navigating a destroyer through a fog-bound minefield in Germany, then working a family farm in Aberdeenshire; from the lambing field at dawn, to late-night sittings in the House of Commons (1966-70) and the Royal Highland (1970-92); from presenting Grampian TV's Country Focus programme for twelve years, to writing four books; from initiating a campaign for a healthier Scotland, speaking in secondary schools from Shetland to the Gorbals and a first parachute jump at sixty-six, to a conservation project on river otters in Chile at the age of seventy-four... James Davidson OBE MVO FRAgS tells his story with candour, humour and insight.
The fascinating biography of the man who laid the foundation for the CIA. One of the most celebrated and highly decorated heroes of World War I, a noted trial lawyer, presidential adviser and emissary, and chief of America’s Office of Strategic Services during World War II, William J. Donovan was a legendary figure. Donovan, originally published in 1982, penetrates the cloak of secrecy surrounding this remarkable man. During the dark days of World War II, “Wild Bill” Donovan, more than any other person, was responsible for what William Stevenson, author of A Man Called Intrepid, described as “the astonishing success with which the United States entered secret warfare and accomplished in less than four years what it took England many centuries to develop.” Drawing upon Donovan’s diaries, letters, and other papers; interviews with hundreds of the men and women who worked with him and spied for him; and declassified and unpublished documents, author Richard Dunlop, himself a former member of Donovan’s OSS, traces the incredible career of the man who almost single-handedly created America’s central intelligence service. The result is the definitive biography that Donovan himself had always expected Dunlop would write. Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Arcade imprint, are proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in history--books about World War II, the Third Reich, Hitler and his henchmen, the JFK assassination, conspiracies, the American Civil War, the American Revolution, gladiators, Vikings, ancient Rome, medieval times, the old West, and much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.
Argues the case for naming Shakespeare as the author of "Edward III," and presents the text of the play with an introduction and notes
Offers adaptation of classic Greek and Roman myths from Philip Freeman's "Oh My Gods."
“A fascinating history of the age when magazine writers steered national opinion . . . This is an extraordinary book about a complex man.” —American Journalism Review At the dawn of the twentieth century, Lincoln Steffens, an internationally known and respected political insider, went rogue to work for McClure’s Magazine. Credited as the proverbial father of muckraking reporting, Steffens quickly rose to the top of McClure’s team of investigative journalists, earning him the attention of many powerful politicians who utilized his knack for tireless probing to battle government corruption and greedy politicians. A mentor of Walter Lippmann, friend of Theodore Roosevelt, and advisor of Woodrow Wilson, Steffens is best known for bringing to light the Mexican Revolution, the 1910 bombing of the Los Angeles Times, and the Versailles peace talks. Now, with print journalism and investigative reporters on the decline, Lincoln Steffens’ biography serves as a necessary call to arms for the newspaper industry. Hartshorn’s extensive research captures each detail of Steffens’ life—from his private letters to friends to his long and colorful career—and delves into the ongoing internal struggle between his personal life and his overpowering devotion to the “cause.” “Absorbing . . . [Hartshorn] has produced a biography that is prodigiously researched, fantastically interesting, and extremely well-written. Steffens would have been pleased by how well Hartshorn has turned him inside out.” —The New York Times “Well-researched and well-written.” —The Wall Street Journal “Outstanding . . . those concerned about freedom of the press and the role of investigative journalism will take comfort in Steffens’s legacy as artfully told here.” —Library Journal, starred review
Comprehensive account of film in Scotland taking a unique and entertaining look at a nation's erratic relationship with the movies.

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