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A thoroughly original reassessment of the question of time
What price would you pay to find hope and victory in the presence of your darkest moments? Nothing brings us to our knees more than hardships or ultimately the loss of a loved one. Pastor Denny Carr and his wife, Jan, have experienced the unspeakable: the death of their oldest child. It was through this tragic event that they discovered one profound truth: one can face, overcome, and move beyond all the pain agony, loneliness, heartbreak, hopelessness, desperation, and even death itself. Jesus Christ can move us from the darkness of despair to the light and comfort found in His presence. This true story shows that deep down, all of us want to believe and experience the supernatural. In our present-day culture, we are starving to find inner meaning, guidance, and purpose in life. This book was written as a tool that seeks to affirm what we are all searching for. We want to embrace truth, meaning, joy, assurance, and victory in the midst of tragedy and heartache. It can all happen for you as you read Time After Time.
What is time? That haunting question is pondered by every human being who lives long enough to see its effects at work around them. In this verse novel, the concept of time is explored across many decades in the life of one unfortunate but extraordinary woman. The tale unfolds in a coalmining community in Pennsylvania, a cruelly decisive context for her and everyone involved with her. Time After Time is a powerful record of the most intimate yet mysterious force any of us ever encounters.
Technically speaking the novel uses the first person and begins with one traditional narrator changing to two to finally sublime into pure dialogs. It is the story of two eternal lovers both on their way from the time before time into the time beyond life, beyond time, beyond the beyond, into their eternal time of two souls in one being. The protagonists are the Haitian Eve Renée Marguerite Dorleac, born Hirsch, and the Colombian Nicolás Rubén Jaramillo Sarmiento during their common and intensive moments in Europe. Both belong to a land of magic where they exist above and apart from reality. Both are possessed of each other and are protected by a set of wise and benevolent loas called Rada. The key years of the pilgrimage are 1968, 1988 and 2008.
Sarah, or Sadie as she is called in the story, suffers an accident when she is fourteen, having been knocked down in the road and is immediately paralysed from the waist down, remaining that way until she died at the age of thirty-two.
Time After Time takes place in 1942 and paralells the lives of two families. One a family from the World War II era and other from the Civil War era. An old plantation house intertwines the two. I loved your book and can not wait for the next one! Congratulations. - Anita Russell Kitzmiller, Maryland I really enjoyed your book. It was well written and the ending was a complete surprise. Thank you for two days of pleasurable reading. I can not wait for your next one. - Ruth Myers Kitzmiller, Maryland I really enjoyed your book. It was fantastic. We thoroughly enjoyed it. Hope to read more. - Donna and Jim Harvey Kitzmiller, Maryland Your book was wonderful! It was mysterious, romantic, and I could not put it down. I am so impressed with your imagination and ability to weave this story together. Your dialogue was consistent with each character. I do a lot of reading and I see some Alice Hoffman and VC Andrews in your writing. Congratulations on a successful piece of writing! - Nancy Vodopivec Wallis New York I really enjoyed your book. It was wonderful. I can not wait until the next one. Keep up the good work. - Patricia Townsend, Monroe, Mi. Your book is nothing short of amazing. It held my attention from start to finish. I can see this as a number one seller. You did yourself proud. Hope you continue to write. You have what it takes. - Kathy and Lee Paugh, Kitzmiller, Maryland I can truly believe you have been writing for thirty years. Your book was wonderful. I loved it and can not wait until the next one. - Dee Fairmont, WV I LOVED YOUR BOOK. It was great. I could not put it down and when I did it was on my mind. Thank you for a wonderful story. - Margaret McCloud Virginia I have not read a book in years. I read only magazines. I do not have time to sit and read. When I started your book I could not stop. I loved it. It was wonderful. Hope you much success. - Delores Nelson Oakland Maryland
A riveting and devastating memoir, Time After Time reveals the slow and inexorable damage done to a child by an emotionally abusive parent. It's the 1950's, the age of modern conveniences and upward mobility. In a middle class Boston suburb, where mothers stay home to raise children and fathers take trains to the city, life is peaceful. But inside what appears to be a typical nuclear family, one child is living a nightmare. Susan’s mother is systematically stripping away her rights, her sense of belonging, her activities, her access to family life and her self-respect, until she has nothing left but food, clothing and shelter. Her father, a devout Christian Scientist, as well as her sister, brother, extended family, neighbors and friends witness the constant bullying and oppression her mother inflicts on her and don't know how to intervene. Susan realizes at an early age that she must endure her situation alone: every day, time after time, for years to come. The author’s courage to survive in the face of emotional deprivation, as well as her ultimate triumph, commands us to speak out for the children in our midst who are suffering in silence.

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