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Panic was setting in. Passengers desperately ran from one location to the next, while others stood frozen in place, uncertain what to do. The Titanic was steadily sinking into the Atlantic, and even remaining upright had become a challenge for those who were still aboard. Yet in the midst of this scene, eight men - five Protestant ministers and three Roman Catholic priests - reached out to the terrified individuals, granting absolution and praying with the scores of frightened persons who had dropped to their knees before them. Quiet words of eternal reassurance were what they had to offer. While many of the passengers kept looking down at the icy Atlantic as it grew ever closer, this small group of clergymen lifted their eyes upward towards their maker. Here are their stories, including insights into their spiritual journeys, summaries of lifetimes filled with outreach efforts, and the challenge they addressed with the frightened masses who gathered around them during the final minutes of the Titanic.
This first account of the role played by the Irish in the Titanic story is an exhaustively researched and, at times, controversial look at one of the key events of the last century, revealing much of the human minutiae of the story.
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The course of Richmond's history as it emerged from the Civil War as a bustling economic powerhouse is well recorded. Yet there are some stories that have all but vanished from recollection. These lesser-known tales of the personalities who shaped the capital's past are unearthed from the archives by Richmond Guide writer Walter S. Griggs Jr. From the hushed whispers of an entire congregation as Robert E. Lee prayed with a slave at communion to the donation of over two hundred pigeons by fellow Richmonders to serve the war effort, these are lost vignettes of Richmond. Travel with Griggs to the bygone days of the twentieth century to test-drive the first successful automobile manufactured in Richmond, the Kline Kar, or witness the first airplane to fly over Richmond, the Gold Bug soaring over the Diamond. Hidden History of Richmond is a fascinating collection that reveals the city's forgotten but most remarkable histories.

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