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Relive history through these amazing moment-by-moment accounts of the famous shipwreck and what ten young people did to survive. Seventeen-year-old Jack Thayer looks over the side of the sinking Titanic and stares into the frigid sea. He knows he has to jump, but can he? Fifteen-year-old Edith Brown and her mother beg her father to join them in Lifeboat 14. Why won't he? Eleven-year-old Billy Carter kneels down on the slanting deck of the ship and hugs his beloved Airedale. But how can he save himself and his dog, too? These young people and seven more from many walks of life tell of the terrifying decisions they faced on the night of April 14, 1912, when the unthinkable occurred and the "unsinkable" ship began to go down.
Eleven-year-old Billy Carter kneels down on the slanting deck of the Titanic and hugs his beloved dog -- a tan and black Airedale. Can Billy save himself and his pet? Fifteen-year-old Edith Brown and her mother climb into Lifeboat 14. Edith begs her
This biography of the early 20th-century newspaper giant who became news after killing his wife “has the pace and detail of an engrossing historical novel” (Boston Herald). As city editor of Joseph Pulitzer’s New York Evening World, Charles E. Chapin was the quintessential newsroom tyrant: he drove reporters relentlessly, setting the pace for evening press journalism with blockbuster stories from the Harry K. Thaw trial to the sinking of the Titanic. At the pinnacle of his fame in 1918, Chapin was deeply depressed and facing financial ruin. He decided to kill himself and his wife Nellie. But after shooting Nellie in her sleep, he failed to take his own life. The trial made one hell of a story for the Evening World’s competitors, and Chapin was sentenced to life in Ossining, New York’s, infamous Sing Sing Prison. In The Rose Man of Sing Sing, James McGrath Morris tracks Chapin’s journey from Chicago street reporter to celebrity New York powerbroker to infamous murderer. But Chapin’s story is not without redemption: in prison, he started a newspaper fighting for prisoner rights, wrote a best-selling autobiography, had two long-distance love affairs, and transformed barren prison plots into world-famous rose gardens. The first biography of one of the founding figures of modern American journalism, and a vibrant chronicle of the cutthroat culture of scoops and scandals, The Rose Man of Sing Sing is also a hidden history of New York at its most colorful and passionate.
The discovery of gold and silver in Colorado's Rocky Mountains minted millionaires by the ton. The rough settlements of miners and ranchers quickly transformed into habitations more suitable for the newly wealthy class. William Newton Byers founded the Centennial State's first newspaper and built an Italianate-style palace with the proceeds, while Walter Scott Cheesman's Capitol Hill home later became the governor's residence. Stroll into the parlors and drawing rooms of oligarchs like August A. Meyer, Lyman Robison and James Joseph Brown. Visit Romanesque castles cut from native lava and country retreats designed by the country's foremost architects. Linda Wommack offers a tour of the finest mansions in Colorado, all proudly bearing the mark of the State and National Registers of Historic Preservation.
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