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Tito and his dog Skip are surprised to find out that a mosquito has feelings, and invites it to become their friend. On board pages.
A moving and dramatic novel of a suburban wife and mother whose past comes back to haunt her . . . Clara Lugo has escaped her difficult and tumultuous childhood in a Dominican neighborhood in the northern reaches of Manhattan. Now she tries to live a settled professional life with her American husband and son in the suburbs of New Jersey—often thwarted by Clara’s constellation of relatives who don’t understand her gringa ways. Her mostly happy life is disrupted, however, when Tito, a former boyfriend from fifteen years earlier, reappears. He still carries a torch for Clara, and she harbors a secret from their past. Their reunion will set in motion an unraveling of both of their lives—and reveal what assimilation, or the absence of it, has cost them both . . . “Michaud’s quiet account of a foundering marriage and his forays into the mind of an abused child and her adult self are perfectly done.” —Booklist
Pedro thinks its funny to scare the girls with his pet toad, and the toad thinks so, too, until the day a girl thinks the toad is her Prince Charming. On board pages.
Stephanie the snail falls asleep and dreams about marvelous faraway places while on her way to meet her friends. On board pages.
While on his way to the sea for a vacation, Beetle stumbles across a map that tells him a shortcut. On board pages.
“We walked toward the part of the library where the air smelled as if it had been interred for years….. Finally, we got to the hallway where the wooden floor was the creakiest, and we sensed a strange whiff of excitement and fear. It smelled like a creature from a bygone time. It smelled like a dragon.” Thirteen-year-old Juan’s favorite things in the world are koalas, eating roast chicken, and the summer-time. This summer, though, is off to a terrible start. First, Juan’s parents separate and his dad goes to Paris. Then, as if that wasn’t horrible enough, Juan is sent away to his strange Uncle Tito’s house for the entire break! Uncle Tito is really odd: he has zigzag eyebrows; drinks ten cups of smoky tea a day; and lives inside a huge, mysterious library. One day, while Juan is exploring the library, he notices something inexplicable and rushes to tell Uncle Tito. “The books moved!” His uncle drinks all his tea in one gulp and, sputtering, lets his nephew in on a secret: Juan is a Princeps Reader––which means books respond magically to him––and he’s the only person capable of finding the elusive, never-before-read Wild Book. Juan teams up with his new friend Catalina and his little sister, and together they delve through books that scuttle from one shelf to the next, topple over unexpectedly, or even disappear altogether to find The Wild Book and discover its secret. But will they find it before the wicked, story-stealing Pirate Book does?

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