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Founded in 1957, Chase's observes its 60th anniversary with the 2018 edition! Users will find everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "One of the most impressive reference volumes in the world."--Publishers Weekly.
Since 1957, Chase's Calendar of Events lists everything worth knowing and celebrating for each day of the year: 12,500 holidays, historical milestones, famous birthdays, festivals, sporting events and much more. "The Oxford English Dictionary of holidays."--NPR's Planet Money.
This first of three volumes starts with a short introduction to historical metrology as a scientific discipline and goes on with an anthology of acient and modern measurement systems of all kind, scientific measures, units of time, weights, currencies etc. It concludes with an exhaustive list of references. Units of measurement are of vital importance in every civilization through history. Since the early ages, man has through necessity devised various measures to assist him in everyday life. They have enabled and continue to enable us to trade in commonly and equitably understood amounts, and to investigate, understand, and control the chemical, physical, and biological processes of the natural world. The essence of the work is an alphabetically ordered, comprehensive list of measurement nomenclature, units and scales. It provides an understanding of almost all quantitative expressions observed in all imaginable situations, including spelling variants and the abbreviations and symbols for units, and various acronyms used in metrology. It will be of use not only to historians of science and technology, but also to economic and social historians and should be in every major academic and national library as standard reference work on the topic.
In the 6th book of her writing career JD Jakubcin has created several masterpieces in the new post-modern folk poetry genre. Her blend of mythology and realism represents a unique approach. The 36 poems in this " Silver Cormorant" collection include a majority of previously unpublished material. Surprises and ironies abound in this poetry collection, including two satirical pieces for Valentine's Day and yet the January and August poems bloom with sentimental romance. Joanna has invented an unusual poetic voice with modern scientific references blended into a sound reminiscent of Tolkien. The works in this volume will transport you to a dream world of outlandish imagination including spiritual hymn-like rhythms, steam punk themes, traditional folk themes from around the world, mythical beings, the seasons, the peaks of human triumph, comical wit, satire, and sometimes the introspection of a literary pioneer. Even the less cheerful poems provide encouragement with a piquant perspective. Joanna's other books include the " Journal Flies Overboard " written under the pen name Joan Ruth. "The Adventures of Dysingli Soon" was an imaginative action adventure story written by Joanna in 2012 as a historical fiction set in 13th century Ukraine. A few years ago, Joanna published an unusual group of poems entitled "Not Ready for Winter Springs." This book included a compendium of her works from 2010 through 2015; some repeated from previous books. She produced three colorful poetry calendars from 2015 to 2017 which enjoyed great success at community events and art shows in the Central Florida region. The calendars featured local scenery in her poems, such as "July at Lake Jessup." She performed her Autumn Rain poem from the 2015 Poetry Calendar at the Winter Springs Hometown Harvest event.

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