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An account of the lives of the Bobet brothers - Louison, triple Tour de France winner and Jean who gave up an academic career to ride in the service of his brother. This story brings alive the romance of the great races and star riders of those post war days whose exploits lifted the public spirit after years of conflict and economic hardship.
Young lovers from starkly different lives andworlds, Clara and Ben Pipestone came together inpassion and in tenderness. But their marriagecould not endure deception -- or the betrayals of atormented, searching soul. And now, though timeand pain have torn them apart, they reunitefor the sake of their troubled teenaged daughter -- embarking upon a rugged winter journey acrosssacred land in symbolic remembrance ofBen's Lakota ancestors ... and to reclaim somethingbeautiful but lost -- and as eternal as the stars.
The turbulent frontier days of St. Paul, Minnesota provides the setting for this story of Jo and Chris, two young people growing up at a fur trading post.
Makebelieve Marriage by Flora Kidd released on Jun 24, 1982 is available now for purchase.
Free Anderson and Parks Scott are caught in a fight for their lives between two cultures battling for supremacy in Texas after the Civil War.
The love between Princess Alysa and King Gavin is threatened by Alysa's desperate plan to repel the invading Viking hordes
In a time long ago and yet very familiar, an enigmatic young warrior named Syncritus was caught between two worlds. The son of an oracle from an animist tribe, he is taken as a child to a famed eastern city ruled by a "Sage King." After becoming a knight in the fellowship of The Green Sword, he returns to his mother's village to find his destiny in defending the five tribes of the "Fertile Valley" from a mega-technic empire. Yet another country to the north is divided between three religious groups who are constantly at war and are now on the brink of catastrophe. When Syncritus discovers an engineering project that would threaten the ecology and stability of the whole region, colorful and intriguing characters from all of the nations involved find their lives becoming intertwined in a synchronous experience, culminating in an epic "battle of ideas" that is a parable of human history. Syncritus is a 2012 Finalist in the Eric Hoffer Award's "New Horizon" short list of distinguished first time authors!
Rowan, the third and magical child born to the Murray Clan, embraces her duties as a Druid and the protector of all living things. Bound to the Highlands forever, she discovers she is drawn to, and instantly captivated by a man who stirs an unknown passion within her when her eyes fall upon him swimming in the turquoise pool beneath the dragon's cave, unaware that this man is destined to fulfill the prophecy that was written in the ancient tomes of old. Will he awaken what lies beneath her innocence and lay claim to her heart with his undeniable charm, or will the prophecy forever remain unfulfilled? Nial Drummond, a young wizard, raised in the enchanted mountains and the Castle Chegnuat, is drawn to the Murray lands and the legendary wizard Alzar by a desire to complete his calling and perfect his skills. Enchanted by tales of a warrior woman living in the majestic mountains and valleys of the Highlands, he embarks on a journey to not just fulfill his destiny as a wizard, but to find the woman of whom he has heard tales and envisioned in his dreams for so many years, a woman with violet eyes. With the aid of Alzar's magic, and strength of will to bring about his own heir, the two will meet, and become caught in a maelstrom of events that will either bond them together forever, or create an irrefutable obstacle that tears them apart.
Lost in another world and time, a regiment of Union soldiers find themselves part of a tactical retreat from the onslaught of the mysterious Merki hordes, reenacting the classic Russian retreats from the French and Germans. Original.

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