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Legendary for his good looks, his charm, and his prowess as a soldier, lover, and hunter, Denys Finch Hatton was born to an old aristocratic family. He became a hero without trying at Eton and Oxford. In 1910, searching for novelty and danger, Finch Hatto
Too Close to the Sun By: Rachel I. Jacobs This is a book of poetry, with a few anecdotes at the end; it is derived from a variety of lifetime experiences. It touched on a few professions, feelings, and even mildly, politics.
When Grace Harper is orphaned, her world falls apart. Life has always been hard, and now she and her little brother Billy are left homeless and alone. But Grace must put her grief and fear aside, and think practically. Accepting a job as companion to the wealthy, lonely Mrs Spencer means that she and Billy have a roof over their heads, but just as Grace starts to find her feet disaster strikes again. Things look desperate, and when she is offered marriage and the good life for herself and Billy, Grace is tempted. But is her suitor to be trusted? Or is she, in her search for safety for her little family, flying too close to the sun?
Curtis Roosevelt was three when he and his sister, Eleanor, arrived at the White House soon after their grandfather's inauguration. The country's “First Grandchildren,” a pint-sized double act, they were known to the media as “Sistie and Buzzie.” In this rich memoir, Roosevelt brings us into “the goldfish bowl,” as his family called it—that glare of public scrutiny to which all presidential households must submit. He recounts his misadventures as a hapless kid in an unforgivably formal setting and describes his role as a tiny planet circling the dual suns of Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt. Blending self-abasement, humor, awe and affection, Too Close to the Sun is an intimate portrait of two of the most influential and inspirational figures in modern American history—and a thoughtful exploration of the emotional impact of growing up in their irresistible aura.
The first major survey to reveal the ways in which Classical mythology has inspired art throughout the last 2,500 years From the films of Woody Allen and the Coen Brothers to Margaret Atwood's books and Arcade Fire's songs, Classical Greek and Roman myths continue to be a source of cultural inspiration. The struggles of heroes, both triumphant and tragic, with gods, monsters, and fate, exert a particular grip on our imagination. Visual artists have long expressed and reworked these foundational stories. This is the first book to unite myth-inspired artworks by ancient, modern, and contemporary artists, from Botticelli and Caravaggio to Jeff Koons and Damien Hirst.
A three-week trip to Ecuador to study biology sounded like a good idea when my professor suggested it. The reality of the trip was much more complex and rich than I ever imagined. We visited Guayaquil and the coastal mangroves, several unique ecosystems in the Andes Mountains, Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Amazon, and several of the islands that make up the Galapagos. We tasted delicious, exotic foods; saw awe-inspiring landscapes; and encountered rare, colorful animals. The people were no less colorful, living in cities, slums, or far out in rural areas. We learned what we could and came home with memories of heat, clouds, and the brilliant hues of the tropics.

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