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The Essence of this Book This book is about losing that very very special loved one in your life! Sometimes it’s more that one person you have lost to the monster of death. However, as Christians we are promised victory over death, even as our forerunner Jesus Christ – having conquered death through his all powerful resurrection, which assures us of victory over death as well. Knowing this gives us hope as we look upon the frail body of the one we love so dear, as they venture through the pathway to death’s awaiting arms. We are comforted in the fact that Jesus takes away the “sting” of death for all His children, though to us it looks excruciatingly painful, ugly, gross, and so very unlovely. The great monstrosity death with a all that it has brought to us in life as Christians shall be “swallowed up” in victory! And we all shall shout even as our LORD! O grave where is “thy” victory! O’ death! Where is thy “sting”? But thanks be to God Who gives us the victory through our Lord Jesus Christ. (1 Corinthians 15.51-58). This book reveals the happiness and joy you can have even though sickness, pain, heartache, lonely nights, suffering, loss of a dear loved one in this life, yet, in spite of it all you can live the victorious life because you are in the everlasting hand and arms of your loving savior Jesus Christ. (John 10.28 & 29, Deut. 33.27). Friend, God is our “dwelling place” and underneath us are His everlasting arms of love, even in our trouble and trials that strength and love remains. I saw that in losing two wives one to Lupus, and one to breast cancer. Yet their joy and victory stayed intact and remained. Both were awesome women of God in this 21st century. Read on and be immensely blessed by their lives and their circumstances as they eventually faced what many are facing throughout America, the world, and perhaps in your family... the monstrosity called death. God gives victory, joy, peace, care, and love, amidst the pain and sorrow we face. He is a loving God. He is a caring God. He is the omnipotent God, from all our births until we all reach immortality at His coming through His Son Jesus Christ! The author, L.D. Hunter
Longtime fans of Rich's writing will welcome this engaging and thoughtful biography of her life. There is also a wonderful section that includes many of Rich's essays and stories — which were published in magazines but never appeared in book form — as well as excerpts from her journal and letters.
The money you took from me is all that I can think about now that you have disappeared into the darkness and the void of society. The money you took from me was all that I used to have and my entire future was wrapped up in that wad of ten-dollar bills that I had tried to hide from you. The deceit you were capable of was astounding and I curse the night sky that I ever met you and I wish the worst luck in the world upon you. Give back the money you took from me, the money that never existed at all.
Graves is grateful for the opportunity to present his latest literary work compiled for your benefit and consideration to enhance your living skills from an all-inclusive perspective of day-to-day living. In sharing this work, it is his belief that the reader will be enlightened with understanding, as well as developing those living skills to help the reader understand his or her life more abundantly. Graves coined the word subcultural psychosis as the disorienting process of losing the ability to accurately assess one’s own sense of cultural enhancements as a result of alien or dysfunctional cultural displacement. In order to test a hypothesis and predict systems and subsystems our data must be accurate. “I conclude that I have recognized the inaccuracy of the data fed into the American Culture.” It Took What It Took demonstrates my most recent work that would allow you to make more constructive decisions, and a better outlook on your life and the lives of all the different people you encounter in your lifetime. Indeed, life is longer than any life span. Our ability to fully understand life does not rest with the individual. Remember, it takes a whole village to raise a child. The more we become willing to learn and prosper with our neighbor, the brighter the sunlight shines in all of us. Edward C. Graves, MLA Author and Public Speaker 1996 Book Achievement Award Winner
Ciara never gave up in life. And the love within her, made her special. She kept pushing through her struggels. Sometime we cant see the value in a person, until its too late. And we may never know their stories. Broken hearts on the inside, and still keeping a smile on the out side for the world to see. We have to find a way to see the value within a person. Value giving to them by our creator. Ciara saw the value in everyone. Ciara believe that love must always conquer hate. An abundance of love is what this universe needs. And because of that love, there will be peace within the universe. Ciara was a forgivng woman. She was love by many. Its ashame her husband did not see the value within her. With his eyes wide open, he did not see that his wife was a blessing from God. And even when he did wrong to her, she still forgave him. Love made Ciara special.

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