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Book one is basically the theory of Paulo Freire on developing critical awareness and how to put this theory into practice. Book two is focused on the skills necessary for participatory education. To break the 'culture of silence', people need to gain a sense of self-confidence and know that what they think is important. Therefore methods to involve the group actively are critical in group leadership, as are ways of clarifying and implementing the goals of the group. Book three deals with the social analysis necessary to develop critical awareness and long-term planning and with steps needed for building solidarity in people's movements. --from Preface.
Training for Transformation in Practice brings together the experiences of 17 activists who have adapted these materials to their own social and cultural contexts. The book starts by describing the roots of Training for Transformation in people's struggles in the global South to gain political and economic independence and to overcome poverty.
This book explores how education along with training and skill development are vital to building a sustainable future. While half of the world’s population now is urban, in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia, the proportions of rural people range from 55 to 70 per cent. In this context, education is seen as a key instrument for shaping and fulfilling the goal of rural transformation. The book focuses on the links between education and rural transformation, seeking to underscore the inexorable forces of change rural communities face and how education and training, by equipping people with appropriate knowledge and skills and fostering values of human dignity, can expand their choices and capabilities to exercise these choices. UNESCO International Research and Training Centre for Rural Education (INRULED) decided to examine closely the issues of skill development within its broad mission of exploring concepts, policy and practices in education for rural transformation. The confluence of global forces and national situations, especially in the poorer countries and regions of the world, prompted UNESCO-INRULED to take this decision. These forces and factors include persistent and growing gaps between supply and demand for jobs and employment for young people, growing vulnerabilities and risks for poor people, threats to food security, and the urgency of building a sustainable green future.

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