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Supervisors, project managers and CEOs should find this book useful as it deals with an emerging global reality - culturally diverse people of both genders in the workplace. The new workplace environment demands that employees be selected, evaluated and promoted on the basis of performance competency, regardless of sex, race, religion or place of origin. Focusing on workplace diversity instead of concepts of "majority" and "minority" allows managers to offer all personnel equal opportunities. Affirmative action is now aimed at developing human potential. Diversity is becoming a worldwide phenomenon. Written from the North American viewpoint, this book examines the key concepts that drive American plants and offices today which are likely to be realities overseas tomorrow, and the concepts espoused in this book can be applied universally. The book fills a gap in management education and development. It is a practical manual designed to teach and encourage managers to lead and strengthen the human resources of an organization.
This book helps the leader of today to lead in a way that will energize and mobilize followers. This book will provide leaders with a resource designed to guide them in their endeavor to bring people divided by cultural differences to a place of purpose, cooperation, and action. The insights and common experiences of the transcultural leaders discussed in this book will highlight their personal attributes, modes of thinking, and ways they engage with others in multicultural environments—thereby providing the reader with a new understanding of leadership that transcends the natural man-made boundaries of culture. This work discusses the importance of understanding culture and presents characteristics of a leader who is capable of leading in this rapidly changing cultural landscape. The reader is provided with a framework from which he or she can build, a framework built around dialogue, which leads to connection and collaboration. This work will help the reader discover the heart, mind, and soul of transcultural leadership.
Challenging and innovative in its approach this book explores leadership development on many different levels in an era of internationalization when societies and organizations are becoming increasingly multicultural and undergoing many changes. The focus is on the correlation of culture, leadership and organization in transition.
This book includes contributions from top scholars who outline the best leadership practices for the benefit of the practicing leader. Each chapter focuses on a specific area of leadership practice and ends with a set of "take away" best practices in each area—an executive summary in reverse—that will serve as a quick reference for those who might want to peruse chapters, but still extract the best practices, as well as a summary for those who thoroughly read each chapter. "Jay Alden Conger and Ronald Riggio have brought together a galaxy of sophisticated yet practical experts on leadership, stressing both the complexity and indispensability of both transactional and transforming leadership, with the blessing of the pioneering student of leadership, Bernie Bass." —James MacGregor Burns, professor emeritus, Willams College, and Pulitzer Prize winner
While much thought has been given to how business leaders and managers can obtain the most productivity from Millennials (Generation Y) and subsequent groups such as Generation Z, the true challenge is far more complex. The workforce of the near future will be a multigenerational one, featuring members from between four and six generations in one organizational setting. This situation is made even more complex and challenging with the effect of today's globalization, which has created worldwide hypercompetition in organizations that often involves members from multiple cultures who speak different languages. How to effectively handle such a diverse population is increasingly a key concern for organizations of all types and sizes. Global Applications of Multigenerational Management and Leadership in the Transcultural Era is a pivotal reference source that provides vital research on the application of applying numerous leadership styles to effectively navigate generational compromise. While highlighting topics such as consumer behavior, leadership management, and workforce diversity, this publication is ideally designed for business scholars, managers, executives, human resources professionals, recruitment agencies, students, business professionals, and international business leaders seeking current research on communication strategies and the most effective ways to handle a diverse workforce.

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