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A century ago, Treadwell, Alaska, was a featured stop on steamship cruises, a rich, up-to-date town that was the most prominent and proud in all Alaska. Its wealth, however, was founded on the remarkably productive gold mines on Douglas Island, and when those caved in and flooded in the early decades of the twentieth century, Treadwell sank into relative obscurity. Treadwell Gold presents first-person accounts from the sons and daughters of the miners, machinists, hoist operators, and superintendents who together dug and blasted the gold that made Treadwell rich. Alongside these stories are vintage photos that capture both the industrial vigor of the mines and the daily lives that made up Treadwell society. The book will fascinate anyone interested in Alaskan history or the romance of gold mining’s past.
THE BIRDMAN OF TREADWELL Through his diaries Edwin Warren takes you back in time over a hundred years ago as if in a time capsule. It is as if you are there by his side and can imagine you are in his place as he witnesses death and injury on all too many occasions in the world famous Treadwell gold mine on Douglas Island, Alaska. You will experience the daily routine working at the mine including a near riot, rescuing a little Indian boy from a near tragic fall, the Treadwell Ghost, the fear of working with an incompetent hoist operator who dropped the cage on several occasions including once with volatile explosives. Working as a powder man you will come close to death in a near collision with the ore train and the powder truck. You will experience what the accommodations were like at the beginning of the last century on the many different steam boats Edwin sailed on during his two adventures to Alaska.
Prepared on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission and published with permission of the Commission.
Prepared on behalf of the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission.

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